‘Beauty and the Beast’ Makes Romance Primal

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Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast has long been a fan favorite ever since the ’91 Disney animation. However, the reboot of the ’97 television show of the same name has received mixed reviews since starting its third season on the CW network. With so many changes in the story line and the less than beastly (according to fans) look of Vincent Keller, many did not expect a Season 3. Moreover, with the first two seasons receiving major mixed reviews from fans of the original series and watchers who have never seen the original, the shocking news of also being renewed for Season 4 has set online discussion boards ablaze. With the leading stars of Beauty and the Beast getting engaged and moving in together this season, their romance is bound to be a primal adventure made in creature heaven….or not!

The original series premiered on CBS in 1987, starring Linda Hamilton as ‘Cat’ and Ron Pearlman as Vincent. Although the reboot has tried to keep the crime component mixed in with the mystery of the beast, many fans are not impressed. Other watchers have admitted that they were not even aware the show existed and just haphazardly ran across the show’s title when browsing channels. Many of the things that have fans on the fence is the increased focus on crime fighting as the rebooted Catherine is now a crime investigator compared to the original character simply being a district attorney.

With ratings never truly being what creators hope for them to be, critics are super surprised to see not only is there a Season 3 but a Season 4 on the horizon. Already into the second episode of the season, fans and critics are searching for what makes this show such a renewable reboot. Although live ratings have been pretty bottom-barrel, the online and international fans have gravitated to the show quite nicely. Now if only the CW could get credit for those online views that take place after the original air time.

Season 3 is said to really focus on the relationship that Cat and Vincent have been brewing since the first season. However, there is sure to be some peril to come from a human and a beast falling in love, trying to save the city and still understand what in Hades the two of them are actually doing with one another. No doubt a primal romance continually in the making for Beauty and the Beast. With this season said to put Vincent in a predicament of needing his beastly side more than ever, he and Cat are sure going to need some therapy once it is all over with.

Seemingly the only real interest in Beauty and the Beast is the realistic story of two strangers who meet and fall in love, who then discover they have a great deal of differences, and then move in together and try to make it work despite those said differences. Add some cop crime investigation, a freaky fest of non-human humanoids and fans have got themselves one heck of a Thursday night. With foreseen control problems that Vincent is said to exhibit fans assume Cat, try as she might, to keep the two of them together despite the dangers that are sure to come.

Since premiering in 2012, Beauty and the Beast has been shuffled around just a bit to try to find the right slot that will get viewers watching. However, to no avail, ratings still continue to be low even with the large cult following online. Beauty and the Beast may make romance a primal love story, but this show seems to be a B-rate reboot that fans enjoy watching at their leisure. It has an interesting non-human to gawk at that is in no way related to the original creature who, in fact, looked like (and remained) a beast. There was no human “out” for that 90s beast! All in all, if fans wish to tune in they can catch the lackluster show on the CW Thursday nights at 8 p.m. PST.

Opinion by Danyol Jaye

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