Bellator MMA Fights: Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock

Bellator MMA

The much-anticipated “Unfinished Business” showdown between Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock was the main event on the Bellator MMA fight card this Friday night, on Spike TV, at 9 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. CT, live from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri. The fight between Shamrock, called “The World’s Most Dangerous Man,” and Slice is seven years in the making. A fluke accident caused the cancellation of their first meeting. Shamrock said before their bout that he wanted to hurt Slice and break his leg.

The co-headlining bout was for the Bellator MMA Featherweight Championship. Patricio “Pitbull” Freire, who has a record of 23-2, fought against a dangerous and streaky opponent, Daniel Weichel, who had a record of 35-8.

Another fight on the packed card was a heavyweight one between Bobby Lashley, whose record is 12-2, and Dan “The Man” Charles, with a record of 9-2. Lashley had been scheduled to fight James Thompson, but an injury caused Thompson to bow out of the fight and a replacement to be found for Lashley to fight.

Two other Bellator MMA fights on Friday was one between the undefeated Henry Corrales at 12 and 2 against the former featherweight champion Daniel Straus, who has a record of 22-6. Straus has had only 3 defeats out of his last 22 fights.

Bellator MMA

The opening bout on the MMA fight card was one between Missouri native Mike Chandler, with a record of 12-3, going up against Derek Campos, with a record of 15-4. Chandler was seeking to make his homecoming something special for his fans to see.

The Scottrade Center was rocking when the Bellator MMA fights began, with the entire arena on their feet and cheering. Chandler and Campos talked about their fighting styles, and scenes from their past fights were shown. The fight was a great way to start off the Bellator MMA fight card this Friday.

After commercial break, the Bellator MMA fights returned, and Campos, in blue-and-white trunks, was introduced first. He entered the cage to “boos” from the audience. Then, in mostly black trunks, a very confident Chandler, who has said that he has more skills and a better technique that Campos, was introduced to rousing cheers.

Round One: Campos looked to come out aggressively, but Chandler hit him with a big right hand. it did not take much longer before Chandler had knocked Campos to the canvas, pounding his face over and over. Campos got back onto his feet, though.

Chandler did a suplex on Campos, and then put him into a choke hold. Campos tapped out and Chandler won in the very first round, thrilling his hometown fans. Chandler showed absolute dominance in the MMA cage.

Before the Bellator MMA fight, Chandler said “I don’t have to be perfect, I just have to be successful.” “Iron” Michael Chandler was definitely successful, and he got a standing ovation from the audience. “God blessed me, and it’s awesome,” Chandler, now 13 and 3, said in a post-fight interview.

Bellator MMA

The second Bellator MMA fight of the evening was a featherweight one between the undefeated Henry Corrales vs. Daniel Straus. Corrales, in the blue corner, was wearing white trunks. He went into the bout with an undefeated professional Bellator MMA record of 12-0. Former featherweight champ, Daniel Straus, had on black-and-green trunks.

Round One: Corrales swung wildly, and Straus got a take-down on Corrales by coming in low and going for his legs. Corrales got swiftly back up, and backed Straus up into a corner, hitting him. Straus reversed positions, then Corrales switched it up again, with Straus up against the fence.

Straus then got in a series of combinations of Corrales, hurting him. Corrales tried to punch back, but he had rubbery legs. Straus got in a few good low kicks, while Corrales just was trying to last out the round, though he got in a few punches of his own. Straus did a take-down on Corrales, taking him to the ground, but both fighters managed to last out the round.

Round Two: Corrales started off kicking at the legs of Straus, trying to sweep the legs out from under him, but that did not work. Both fighters kicked more in the earlier moments of the second round. Straus punched Corrales and knocked him down, then placed him into a choke hold. Corrales would not tap out. Straus grabbed him by the neck and put him into a guillotine hold, and that move quickly ended the fight, as Corrales finally tapped out 47 seconds into the second round.

Bellator MMA

The Bellator MMA third fight was between Sean Wilson vs. Justin Lawrence. Wilson was in the blue trunks and Lawrence had on red ones.

Round One: Both fighter started off the first round agressively. Wilson was in a boxing stance. Lawrence tried a side kick but it did not connect solidly. Lawrence caught Wilson with a left hook, that staggered him; but, just for a few seconds. Lawrence knocked Wilson down with a knee to his ear and kept pounding him with his fists. He put Wilson in a rear choke hold, but he was losing his position, so let him go. He still kept Wilson on the ground, and kept on pounding Wilson’s face over and over again, until he won the fight when the referee stopped it 4 minutes and 50 seconds into the first round.

Bellator MMA

The fourth Bellator MMA fight of the night was a heavyweight battle. Bobby Lashley faced off against Dan “The Man” Charles, who replaced the fighter Lashley had originally been scheduled to fight, James Thompson, who bowed out due to an injury. Lashley looked like a beast. He said “I’m not just out here tonight to get a victory, I’m out here to make a statement.”

Dan Charles entered the Bellator MMA cage wearing black trunks for the fight tonight. Bobby Lashley entered the arena to cheers from the crowd. He had on black trunks.

Round One: Charles was rapidly taken down by Lashley. He managed to get up and he got in a couple of punches, but Lashley powered him back down to the canvas. Charles tried to get up, and Lashley did a suplex on him. Charles struggled and got back up, but Lashley kept kneeing him.

Charles did whatever he could to prevent an outright take down, but Lashley kept on kneeing and kicking Lashley’s thighs and legs. He took Charles down again, and Charles struggled back up yet again. It was all Bobby Lashley in the first round.

Round Two: Lashley got Charles into a triangle and slammed him to the mat. Charles persevered and got partially back up, but Lashley took him back down. After Charles got up once again, Lashley got another take-down. Charles was bleeding from his nose. He was not really fighting back at this point, just trying to last out the round. Lashley kept on pounding the face of Charles while he had Charles down.

In the war of attrition, Lashley won, when the referee stopped the fight 4 minutes and 15 seconds into the second round. Charles was not capable of fighting back nor defending himself any longer.

Bellator MMA

The fifth Bellator MMA match of the night was the co-main event for the Bellator MMA Featherwieght Title. The fight matched Patricio “Pitbull” Freire against his opponent, Daniel Weichel. Scenes of their past matches were shown. Both of the fighters have had many impressive victories. The winner tonight got to take home the title and belt.

Weichel was introduced first. He was wearing white trunks. He took a lap around the ring as “Pitbull” was introduced. Freire had on black-and-white trunks. AC/DC’s song Thunderstruck played as the announcers talked about the fight coming up.

Round One: The crowd chanted “Pitbull” as the first round began. Both fighters were in boxing stanches at the beginning of the round. Weichel landed a nice kick to the legs of “Pitbull.” Weichel almost succeeded in knocking Freire down by grabbing a this legs, but he was unsuccessful.

Neither fighter seemed to be in a big hurry. Weichel came in on Freire, backing him up, but not landing much. Then, Weichel got a takedown of Freire, but “Pitbull” quickly got back up. There were some “boos” from the crowd, who did not like it that there was not much action.

Then, Weichel opened up on “Pitbull,” backing him up and then knocking him down. The bell rang, and Weichel thought that he had won; but, it was just the end of the round.

Round Two: Weichel was hitting “Pitbull” to open up the round, then Freire hit Weichel with one good power shot, a solid left hook, knocking Weichel out. The entire crowd were on their feet. It was an amazing turn-around for “Pitbull,” who retained his title and belt. He bettered his record to 42-2 with his win on the Bellator MMA fight card tonight.

Bellator MMA

A Bellator MMA welterweight fight was next. Kyle Kurtz went up versus Adam Cella. Cella had on black trunks with red trim, while Kurtz was wearing black trunks with some red on them.

Round One: Cella had Kurtz down, hitting him, but Kurtz had his legs wrapped around Cella. Cella was effective with his top game, but he could not get a submission move on Kurtz. Both fighters were on their feet, and Cella slammed his fist into the face of Kurtz, knocking him down and going back to the ground game. The bell sounded ending the round.

Round Two: Cella got Kurtz backed up intot he fence, getting in some big knee strikes on him. Shortly after, Cella had taken Kurtz back down to the mat, hitting him “body, body, head,” with punches. Kurtz kept wrapping his legs around Cella, who was bleeding from his nose. Blood was getting all over Cella and Kurtz. Cella looked like he was still winning, but Cella’s nose was apparently broken.

Cella got another take-down on Kurtz. Kurtz then got an arm bar on Cella and forced him to tap out. He turned the tide and won the fight. Kurtz bettered his record to 4-0.

Kimbo Slice said of Shamrock that ” he has a yellow streak.” Both fighters talked before the fight about “breaking bones.”

Shamrock looked like he was in great shape, especially for being 51. He entered the arena first, wearing black trunks with red stripes down the legs. He shook hands on his way to the Bellator MMA cage.

Slice was introduced next. He was in the red corner, wearing black trunks. He had on a huge gold chain around his neck which he had to take off for the fight, of course.

Shamrock was “completely dismissive of Kimbo’s skill set” as an announcer noted. shamrock did not make the heavyweight weight, so the fight was technically not a heavyweight fight. Slice outweighed Shamrock by quite a bit. Both fighters were making their Bellator MMA debuts tonight.

Round One: It did not take long for Shamrock to get a take-down on Slice, but Slice got right back up. They clenched for a few seconds, then Shamrock got a take-down again. shamrock got a tight rear choke hold on Slice, but Slice would not tap out. Slice got back to his feet and unloaded with his right hand, knocking Shamrock down and out. Slice got the win, just that quickly. WOW!

“Unfinished Business” was what the Bellator MMA fights on Friday, June 19, were called, and by the end of the night of fantastic fights, the business had been finally settled. No bones were actually broken during the Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock fight, but they both tried to give it their all in the short fight, which only lasted 2 minutes and 22 seconds. Shamrock almost choked Slice out, but Slice was able to get back up on his feet, and he knocked Shamrock out, winning the fight. The bout closed out a great evening of Bellator MMA fights on Spike TV.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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