Belmont Stakes Race Will Make or Break American Pharaoh’s Legend

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Belmont Stakes

The Belmont Stakes race, which is set to occur on Saturday, June 6, will either make or break horse, American Pharoah’s legend. Pharaoh is a two-time winner from before, and has been one of the most popular horses for betting, so far. If Pharoah can win the Belmont Stakes horse race, the horse would have won the Triple Crown, something that has not been done since horse, Affirmed, did it 37 years ago. However, with other great horses in the competition, Pharoah might have to race hard to take home the win.

Coming out of gate five, American Pharoah may become the 15th Belmont winner out of that gate since 1905 and may become another Triple Crown winner. Pharoah has a good chance of being able to win the race, and betting odds are certainly in favor of him. Bettors show that Pharoah is most likely to win, followed by Frosted and Materiality. However, one of the five other horses in the race could also take home the win, surprising everyone.

Many horses have tried to win the Triple Crown but have failed. If American Pharaoh can win at the Belmont Stakes Race, which takes place today, he will officially be made another legend, and will be known as the last horse who won the Triple Crown, since 2015, until a horse is able to accomplish the same victory, in a later year. However, if Pharaoh does not win at Belmont Stakes, he will become known for just the opposite. The horse will be remembered as one that tried to go for the Triple Crown but did not make it.

Other horses, like Big Brown in 2008, Smarty Jones in 2004, Charismatic in 1999, and Real Quiet in 1998, are now known for the same thing that Pharoah will be known for, if he is unable to win at Belmont Stakes. All of these horses and so many more had a shot at the Triple Crown but just came short of such victory. Some of these horses jockey’s were angry and some felt that they gave it their best shot, but all of them lost an opportunity to gain the legend that comes along with being able to win the Triple Crown. Some horses who failed to win at Belmont Stakes had previously won both The Kentucky Derby and Preakness, but then were beat out when it came to winning the Triple Crown.

American Pharoah has had a great record and has proven to be a strong and fast horse. Trainer Bob Baffert has worked with the horse in an effort to try and help him win. Owners Justin and Ahmed Zayat have Belmont Stakesproudly stood by the horse, believing that he will create a legend after tonight’s race. Ahmed was even seen giving Pharoah good luck kisses on his muzzle. Even jockey Victor Espinoza is confident that Pharoah has a chance, though he is probably focusing on the race and trying not to get too far ahead of themselves. However, as Espinoza and Pharoah have crossed the finish line in first place, twice before, tonight’s race may just bean easy imitation for them.

NBC will televise the race, providing full coverage to those who are eager to see if American Pharoah can make his legend at the Belmont Stakes race, or if he will break his chance at the Triple Crown. Beginning tonight at 5:50 p.m. CDT, viewers can tune in and watch as American Pharoah, Frosted or Materiality win the race, or as some other horse comes up from behind and leaves bettors disappointed. As those people who placed bids found favor with American Pharoah, hundreds are counting on the horse to be able to pull through with a Triple Crown win.

By Crystal Boulware


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