Ben Affleck Shooting Down Divorce Rumors?

AffleckThe new caped crusader for the upcoming Batman v Superman, Ben Affleck has recently been attracting a lot of the media’s attention due to rumors that began circulating about his upcoming divorce. He has been married to Jennifer Garner for close to 10 years now, after breaking up with Jennifer Lopez.  They are one of the more well-known and loved couples in Hollywood. Their divorce would break the hearts of many fans. Affleck and Garner may be shooting down the rumors, however as they were seen together in public a few days ago taking a stroll and later with two of their children.

The divorce rumors may just be a stunt by paparazzi to gather media attention. Other sources have attempted to confirm the validity of the divorce though. Garner was supposedly at a point fed up in the marriage. A friend of hers had reported that lately she has been preparing herself to emotionally handle a divorce. Affleck was caught with no ring on his finger back in April. Both love birds have been seen spending time apart. While he was gambling in Vegas, Garner was out at lunch in New York. He was even absent for his wife’s birthday. If the divorce goes through, the entire thing would cost an extraordinary amount of $150 million. Definitely one of the more expensive divorces in the world of celebrities.

The rumors however, are self-defined. They are only rumors. None of these have truly been confirmed by either actor as a path to their splitting or if they are even divorcing. Affleck without his ring is what sparked the controversy. He and Garner may definitely be shooting down rumors when they were seen together earlier in the week.

After a long time of not being seen in public, they had a nice outing on Thursday. Affleck and Garner were caught taking a nice stroll together through the neighborhood which ended up on Twitter. Later that day, they went out for some delicious frozen yogurt at Menchie’s with two of their oldest daughters.

The signs of their divorce may just be a misunderstanding of both of their personal professional lives. They may not be seeing each other as much as the paparazzi would love to see due to busy schedules. Garner has been reported to be constantly making round trips to Montreal for the shooting of the upcoming comedy, Nine Lives. Affleck has his own plate full with shooting scenes for the movie Suicide Squad premiering next year where he will be playing Batman. He also has another movie as Batman, Batman v Superman where it has been highly praised all throughout social media. Affleck definitely has a lot to live up to after being passed the torch from Christian Bale.

A divorce would hold them both back and give them an even bigger burden to carry. There is a possibility, however that they may just be holding back on the divorce due to their busy schedules. A divorce process would delay shooting time for both lovers. Mixing that up with maintaining a family would be extremely stressful. Affleck also has two highly anticipated films set to launch next year. The divorce would only give him the wrong media attention. $150 million is also a very hefty amount to go through with a divorce, even for a successful Hollwood couple.

The final verdict can only be determined on the outcome of their approaching 10 year anniversary on June 28. Several people are waiting anxiously on whether or not they will spend it together. Will Affleck and Garner finally shoot down the rumors about the divorce or confirm them?

By Frank Grados


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