Bobbi Kristina Brown Deathbed: Condition Worsens, Family Say Goodbyes


Bobbi Kristina Brown’s condition has not gotten any better following the decision Bobby Brown made to take his ailing daughter off life support earlier this week. The former R&B singer had been advised by doctors that after having treated his eldest child for over two months with medications to keep her alive, her condition has not improved, suggesting that the 22-year-old should be taken off of life support.

Many believed that the medication the former reality star has been taking in recent months were not helping her since she had not shown any sign of improvement since her January 31st collapse. Brown was found in her bathtub at her Atlanta home following an alleged dispute with her ‘husband’ Nick Gordon, who is barred from seeing her as family members strongly believe he was the cause of her downfall and — what appears to be — her untimely forthcoming death.

Whitney Houston’s pal Tyler Perry flew out to Atlanta earlier this week to visit the socialite at the hospice she had been taken to where relatives plan on saying their final goodbyes. The famous movie director was incredibly close with the Houston family, having often worked with the deceased songstress for his own Hollywood projects. Having formed a relationship with Brown over the years, Perry has been a tremendous support, having also reportedly given up his Atlanta mansion for the family in February when doctors confirmed the 22-year-old’s condition was not looking too good.

Sources say that Oprah Winfrey is expected to fly out in the next few days, hoping to say her goodbyes to Brown prior to her death. Winfrey, who was one of the last people to share an intimate interview with Houston before she died, says she was “stunned” when she first learned about the youngster’s rush to the hospital earlier this year. Having stressed to the public that she would keep Brown in her prayers, Winfrey has supposedly made it a priority to visit the Atlanta hospice where the TV-personality is likely to die.

As news outlets have already affirmed, Brown is leaving behind her $20million inheritance money that was handed to her following her mother’s death. The Browns and the Houstons are said to have bickered and fought over the money in recent weeks, having argued their sides as to why each family deserves more than the other, already assuming they are entitled to her millions. The sickening debate on sharing the 22-year-old’s inheritance is disturbing in more ways than one since the former aspiring singer was still fighting for her life in the hospital at the time of the discussion. 

With family members gathering together to say their final goodbyes, it is believed that Brown could pass away by the end of the week. A funeral is expected to take place either in Atlanta or New Jersey (where the reality star grew up) early July.

By Maurice Cassidy.


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