Bruce Jenner the New Queen of the Internet?

Bruce Jenner
The deed has finally been done. The prophesies mentioned in Family Guy and Married With Children have been fulfilled. Former Olympian Bruce is now strutting into the world as Caitlyn Jenner, the new queen of the internet. Move over Kim Kardashian, because Jenner has proved a higher popularity in a short amount of time with the Vanity cover shot. The photo of her new look quickly took the spotlight of Kardashian’s news of being pregnant with a second child.

Jenner has been dominating social media for the past 24 hours. She wiped out President Obama’s record and set a new one by garnering about one million followers in only four hours. There have been various people all throughout social media showing their support for her as well as criticism from the few who don’t agree with the gender transformation. Late-night talk show hosts have already begun cracking jokes at Jenner’s appearance, but this isn’t fazing her. Some of her family members couldn’t be more excited about the transformation. Khloe Kardashian took to twitter  to announce how proud she was of her stepfather’s courageous move. Kendall Jenner also expressed her support for her father, complimenting the cover photo and commenting, “be free now pretty bird.”

It is being rumored that Jenner will be the new center of attention among the family. The brand new reality show premiering soon about the new queen of the internet may just force the Kardashians to become the ones keeping up with her.

No doubt will it take many people who grew up with Jenner being an athlete in the Olympics to accept this fact. It’s hard to believe how Bruce can go from macho to feminine Caitlyn. He was the epitome of manliness back in the 70’s being considered one of the greatest athletes. He was an Olympic decathlon champion and got featured on a Wheaties cereal box for his accomplishments. Being on a cereal box was a big deal decades ago.

The transition of becoming a woman has helped pave a road for other transgenders. Out of the LGBT community, transgenders seem to take the most bullying. There are instances where they get publicly beaten or murdered which has circulated social media. Jenner has stated that it was tough for her to come to terms with her own sexuality and had contemplated suicide. Making a gender transition is something many transgender folks do in silence and remain low-key for a while. Caitlyn has publicly declared it and she now feels liberated. Other transgendered people have been inspired by this move. They have been ignited with hope that this may help cause a movement for acceptance of transgenders.

Other celebrities have also expressed their support for Caitlyn’s bold move. They applaud her for pursuing to be her authentic self. Her new look has been compared to Actress Jessica Lange and she [Lange] has welcomed the comments with joy. To make matters even more exciting, Caitlyn has been chosen by ESPN to receive the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPY 2015 awards show.

The past 24 hours have definitely been a roller coaster for both families with Caitlyn’s final transformation. The internet, however, has proven itself ready to accept Caitlyn as the new queen of the internet.

By Frank Grados

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