Cleveland Cavaliers Have an Ace in the Hole

Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers have found an ace to shed some light in the hole they are in. A few months ago Kyrie Irving was shining, and the Cav’s were wandering about Matthew Dellavedova, but it is all clear now. Game five is the decider and looks to be a good one.

The decision to put Dellavedova in was not about showing how important Irving is, but it was the Cleveland Cavalier’s general manager David Griffin that felt he had to do what is best the good of the team. When top players get hurt, as they tend to do it is important to have someone who can pick up the slack. Dellavedova had the one position that was not filled by a veteran. The NBA finals of 2015 are going to be remembered as the Cleveland Cavaliers odd couple of the point guard position. On the one hand, there is a superstar, and, on the other hand, a blossoming legend. The superstar had to be helped off the court, and the budding superstar was carried off.

Dellavedova was playing his heart out and wore himself down while attempting to help the Cav’s even the score with the Warriors. He was so fatigued he needed to have medical attention for being dehydrated after game three. In spite of the dehydration, the Cleveland Cavaliers have found their ace in the hole.

It has been just over 50 years since the Cleveland Cavaliers have won a championship, and if Dellavedova can help them win the finals, then he will be the heroine of the series. While people may cast doubts over Irving’s ability with his injury, because Griffin’s trade deal was unsuccessful months ago, which is why he is the point guard now for the Cav’s. Griffin wanted to get Norris Cole for that position, making him go to the number three point guard. Most teams do have a third-point guard, but the Cav’s do not. Griffin said that it was nothing against Delllavedova, but having three-point guards was just something he thought would be best for the team. A third player for that position could have eased some of the pressure on Irving, and would have possibly not have had the medical problems he currently has.

That is a question that no one can answer, but at the moment the Cleveland Cavaliers are concentrating on rejoicing at the emerging Dellavedova, which they nicknamed ‘Delly’. He is a 24-year-old who was raised in Australia, and in almost 40 minutes of the NBA postseason game he scored 20 of the Cav’s points, and was a nightmare for the league’s MVP Stephan Curry. Although his fame on Tuesday night came with a price, he was severely dehydrated and needed fluids intravenously. ‘Delly’ said to reporters that he knew he pushed himself a little too far when his team needed him, but he is better now. The Cleveland Cavaliers have come to know Dellavedova as a bulldog, with his ability to go up against players almost twice his size, and get the referee’s to make the call on them for retaliation.

While it is true he can make a rock-hard shot, it is the scuffling that he is famous for. The way he dives, and grabs for the loose balls, and his general annoyance to the opposing team. The press asked him such questions such as if he felt he was playing off Irving’s bad luck. who told reporters that it was such a difficult place for any player to be put in at an important part of the finals.

With the team losing Irving, and Love it certainly was a big blow to the team especially being down in the series. The Cleveland Cavaliers making the decision to let Dellavedova into the game, which has given them an ace in the hole turned out to be a great move.

By Katherine Miller-Chichester


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Photo by Erik Drost’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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