Dog Fends Off a Prowling Leopard From Owner’s House [Video]


A pet dog successfully fended off a prowling leopard from its owner’s house in Mumbai, India. This incident was captured on a closed-circuit camera in the early hours of June 24, 2015, at around 2:38 a.m. The leopard ran off as it was unsuccessful in getting the dog after it pawed at the inner gate where the dog was sleeping. The iron grill between the dog and the leopard saved it from becoming a horrific scene.

The incident took place at a bungalow in the north suburban region named Borivali in Mumbai. The CCTV recording from outside the house shows a leopard wandering in through the main gate. It is seen trying to find a way to get inside the house while pacing on the porch. At the beginning of the footage, the dog is seen sleeping inside the house near the inner gate as the leopard is then seen prowling in after it spots the dog through the grill. As the leopard gets closer, the dog wakes up and starts barking repeatedly at the animal. Following this, the dog is seen eventually chasing off the prowling leopard from its owner’s house.

The footage was taken from the security cameras installed at the bungalow. The location of the house is very close to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, which is one of the largest forest areas within the city. The leopard is seen slinking away out of the main gate of the house from where it had wandered in. In recent months, multiple instances of leopards being spotted in residential areas in and around Mumbai as well as many different parts of India have been reported. Concerns are being raised that the authorities must take immediate steps to protect the animals living in the forest which is situated in the heart of the financial hub of the country. Recently, a wild cat was beaten to death by villagers in the state of West Bengal.

Other animals have also been reported to have ventured out of the forest area, into the nearby residential areas during the rains, while looking for food. Many residents from the region in Mumbai have informed the local authorities as well as forest officials about the incidents of wild cats being spotted in residential areas. However, little or no efforts have been made on the part of the officials to ensure that leopards and other wild animals do not venture out of the forest areas. The owners of the dog are relieved that their pet was successful in fending off the prowling leopard from their house.

By Ankur Sinha

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