‘Gears of War’ Creators Deem Themselves ‘The Coalition’ [Video]

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The Gears of War creators, formerly known as Black Tusk Studios, now belong to a company called The Coalition. Why the name change? In an Xbox Wire video, Rod Fergusson spoke of how gamers often attribute games with their makers, and therefore, everything is in a name. Claiming that “The Coalition” best describes the group of people who are working with him to create the new Gears of War, Fergusson introduced himself as the former head of Black Tusk Studios, and the new studio head of The Coalition, the name that he and his team have now chosen for themselves.

Fergusson says that the term “coalition” means a team of diverse individuals working together for a common purpose, which he believes described their studio. Referring to the Coalition of Ordered Governments (COG) from the Gears of War game, Fergusson says that when gamers hear the title Gears of War, they will now think of The Coalition. Complete with a new logo, the creators expect hit the ground running under the new name, and continuing into the future. On the Rodcast, Fergusson said¬†that he hopes to provide fans with information about the new game to come very soon. He advised fans to turn into the live event,¬†Xbox Daily: Live @ E3, on June 15, 2015, at 4 p.m. PST. At this event, they will be releasing all of the new information on the upcoming Gears of War.

However, what gamers know so far about the new release of Gears of War, expected to be here in 2015, is that the creators are hoping to get “back to the basics.” This statement, by Phil Spencer, who is head of Xbox, was made in 2014. Though this was speculation, as it was apparently based on what he felt the game should go back to, it could possibly be that the creators will, in fact, take the game back to the original setting and story that made it great. It was at this time that Fergusson made statements about the new investment they were making into the game, stating that he hoped that it was an investment they could have for at least a decade. He said that continuity is how he wanted to think about it.

With these statements, it is clear that while not much has been released about the new Gears of War, the creators, who have now deemed themselves The Coalition, seem to have much in store for the game. Looking to keep it going for at least a decade is not an easy task. Though the game does sell itself, many other games have had a few great years before falling out. However, since the purchase by Microsoft, which took the game from Epic and handed it to the former Black Tusk Studios, the future of Gears of War has looked promising.

On the website for Black Tusk Studios, now deemed The Coalition, they describe themselves as “a team of seasoned game industry veterans who are united in their passion to create emotionally engaging AAA gaming experiences,” meaning that Gears of War may have an upgrade, after being put in the hands of a team who has a “desire to be part of something big. Something really big.” It is yet to be seen whether or not The Coalition can effectively create Gears of War in a way that will keep it going for the next decade. However, at E3, gamers are sure to find out much of what the new release will have in store for them.

By Crystal Boulware


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