‘Hannibal’ No Longer Has a Home at NBC


Hannibal no longer has a home at NBC. The peacock station will put the American psychological thriller-horror on the chopping block after the completion of the third season. The show was created by Bryan Fuller and boasts some notable Hollywood actors including Hugh Dancey and Laurence Fishborne.  Fuller was brought into the show by former head of drama Katie O’Connell. The show may have looked promising to some after Fuller bypassed the pilot season and ordered up 13 episodes for the first season, and all future seasons subsequently were to receive 13 episodes, something that is unheard of in the United States.

Hoping for a strong kick-off after the show was renewed in May of 2014, the first episode premiered on June 4, 2015 but the series was cancelled on June 22, 2015 after its third season. A tremendously proud Fuller thanked NBC as well as the Hannibal team of dedicated writers, producers and extremely talented cast. The writing, however may have been on the wall from the beginning with the Hannibal television series. Although the series acquired a fervent fan base, the ratings Gods reported low ratings for the first two seasons and reported even lower viewership in the last two episodes. NBC will be ushering in a new line-up as Fuller clings to the enthusiasm and adoration of Fannibals to be on their couches in front of their televisions on Thursday nights at 10 through August 27.

Only Hannibal lovers can give the final push to put the haunting thriller at the top spot of the Neilsen ratings. It would be greatly appreciated by Fuller as he clings to the loyalty of a dedicated but quite possibly small fan base. Changing locations for the show may also be a viable option. Accepting that NBC is no longer the home for Hannibal may be easy for critics and fans alike as many are believers that Hannibal would be better off with a new home and preferably not on network television. Either way, Bryan Fuller will land on his feet, he is an avid fan of science fiction and he is gearing up to co-showrun the new Starz drama American God.

Fuller says that Silence of the Lambs was a horror movie and Hannibal is a horror anti-hero. Both shows have all the makings of an award winning show. Both shows were put together with a Hollywood stellar cast. He is a forward thinking writer and he has created a firestorm on social media with the breaking news that NBC is no longer the home for Hannibal and, not only is the the show cancelled but it will not be picked up for a fourth season, not even by another network.

So the plan is to save the show with the last 10 episodes. The writers promise to leave the devoted fans with a hunger for more and hopefully more and more, so much that they will bring new fans to the Fannibal fan base. The reality is to recognize that the NBC ratings for the series has shown a decline and deterioration but it is also real that there is still the chance for a good ol’ fan campaign.

Opinion by Nancy Ryle


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