James Horner, the Iconic Music Composer of Titanic, Dies in Plane Crash


James Horner, the iconic music composer of films like Titanic and Avatar, died in a plane crash on Monday, June 22. He was 61 years old and a celebrated composer of music in several super-hit Hollywood films. It was reported that Horner’s private aircraft crashed in Santa Barbara, California, leading to his death. Shocked about the news of his sudden demise, responses from many stalwarts, colleagues, and film and television personalities have poured in.

Horner’s scores were regarded for carrying films to their climax with emotive and expansive soundscapes. They were regarded for accompanying top actors as they delivered some of the most riveting, moving and memorable performances. He leaves behind a body of work which can only be termed as legendary. He composed many blockbuster films like Titanic, Avatar, The Amazing Spider-Man and Braveheart, among others.

HornerThe Hollywood director and colleague of the composer, Ron Howard, expressed his emotions on Twitter and offered his heartfelt condolences. He said that Horner was a brilliant music composer and a dear friend, and had worked on numerous films together, including the highly acclaimed A Beautiful Mind. Seth MacFarlane tweeted his condolences and mentioned that he grew up loving the writer’s work, paying homage to the spectacular musical legacy he had left behind. Rob Lowe tweeted about the musical genius, saying that his music had shaped Lowe’s movie-going experience. Ron Perlman, who acted in Enemy at the Gates, said that he was lucky to be able to be a part of a film that was scored by Horner.

Many other composers also spoke of Horner’s lasting influence on their careers. Steve Jablonsky, music composer for the Transformers movie series, thanked him for being an inspiration as he pursued his own career in film music. Ricky Kej, the winner at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards for his album, Winds of Samsara, said that Horner’s melodies would continue to live on for thousands of years. Hollywood stars like Kirstie Alley and Russell Crowe also paid tribute to the composer after the news of his death became public.

The acclaimed composer won two Oscars for his music; one for the score of Titanic and one for the song My Heart Will Go On from the Titanic soundtrack and performed by Celine Dion. The sudden death of Horner, the iconic music composer of Titanic and other Hollywood smash hits, in a plane crash comes as a huge shock for the film industry. He also won multiple Oscar nominations for his music in Apollo, Braveheart and Field of Dreams. He received his first nomination in the year 1986 for Aliens, the sci-fi horror film. His most recent nomination was in 2009 for James Cameroon’s magnum opus, Avatar, which was another sci-fi epic.

Stirring dramatic moments in A Beautiful Mind, Grand Battles in Troy, and Tender Kisses in The Amazing Spider-Man have all been Horner’s accomplished works. Other American film touchstones of the 1990s, such as Searching for Bobby Fischer, Patriot Games and Jumanji, were also composed by Horner. He scored for popular animated films like The Land Before Time in 1988 and An American Tail: Fievel Goes West in 1991. He also earned a nomination for the song Somewhere Out There from An American Tail.

Horner’s private aircraft crashed in southern California in the Lost Padres National Forest, which is situated to the north of Los Angeles. As per local authorities, the plane crash triggered a fire that charred almost an acre of brush. The pilot has also been reported dead in the plane crash. Horner’s death in the plane crash comes as a huge shock for the fans of one of the most iconic composers of our times, who created the music in Titanic and many other Hollywood blockbusters.

By Ankur Sinha

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