John Stamos Shocking DUI Charge

John Stamos
Who can forget the beloved actor who played Uncle Jesse in Full House? He was the cool uncle that every kid wanted and the handsome charmer all the ladies adored. John Stamos went on to pursue other shows after Full House had ended. There was also a recent announcement about a sequel called Fuller House to appear exclusively on Netflix. Last night must not have been a very good night for Stamos, since he got hit with a shocking DUI charge.

It all happened around 7:45 p.m. PT when several calls had been made to the police department about a reckless driver in the Beverly Hills area. Luckily, there were no other people in the car when the police pulled Stamos over. There was also no injuries involved in the incident. The officer was not able to get the autograph that he probably wanted when he encountered the beloved actor. He was found completely wasted on the spot.

The officer charged him for driving under the influence and was transported to a hospital due to how bad he looked. He is set to appear at court on September 11.

There has yet to been any more information released on Stamos’s shocking DUI charge. He was probably drinking as a way to cope with what has been going on in his life. He has got a lot on his plate. His mother recently passed away, he is starring on a new Fox television show that he has shot, and Fuller House is also on his schedule. 2015 is looking to be a big year for him.

Fans were distraught once they heard the news about Uncle Jesse being taken away. They expressed their support for him on Twitter. He tweeted earlier today mentioning that he was out and okay. Stamos thanked his fans for their support and the law enforcement for taking care of him. He was given a citation for driving under the influence. It is extremely lucky that he was not charged with a DWI because that would have really hurt his record.

The ironic part about Stamos’s shocking DUI charge is the fact that a few days before he had mentioned on twitter that large amounts of moderation is life’s key. Fans should definitely be excited about his upcoming work. He is starring in a show on Fox called Grandfathered, where he is accompanied by former Nickelodeon actor, Josh Peck. It revolves around Jimmy (Stamos), a bachelor who discovers he is a grandfather. After two decades of being aired on television, Fuller House will be airing on Netflix in 2016. Uncle Jesse will definitely be making his way back to the show, as well as many of the original cast members. Sadly, it was reported the Olsen twins will not be a part of the sequel.

Opinion By Frank Grados

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