Jurassic World Broken Down by Paleontologists

Jurassic World

Universal’s film Jurassic World has beaten the box office record by bringing in an estimate of $511.8 million around the world its opening weekend. Having the film open in IMAX theaters has added more edge to the film since it allows audience members to feel more connected. The film continues to rise off the charts for its opening weekend, although many paleontologist and fans are upset with the thin line between fact and fiction about the dinosaurs behaviors and descriptions. To help them out, paleontologists have broken down Jurassic World for sources explaining what is made up and what is real.

The Universal film Jurassic World is a redesigned theme park from Steven Spielberg’s 1993 theme park film Jurassic Park. Jurassic Park suffered lots of break downs and its technical difficulties brought its mechanical dinosaurs to life, and created a catastrophic experience for the customers that would attend. Two decades later Jurassic World was created and has designed a new attraction to bring in customers to increase its sells from the downfall the park began to experience, and a twist of horrific events take place. The 2015 film is directed by Colin Trevorrow and although his designs for the extinct species were eye-catching, he still made a lot of mistakes.

Paleontologist gave sources a broken down list explaining why the dinosaur designs of Jurassic World were scientifically inaccurate, after years of new studies have taken place since Spielberg’s Jurassic Park series. Mark Loewen, paleontologist at the University of Utah was recruited by the New York Times and gave the following break down of what was wrong with each dinosaur.

Pterosaurs: It is not possible for a pterosaurs to sweep a person off of his/her feet, due to their tiny bodies. It is not possible for them to support the weight of a human.Jurassic World

Pachycephalosauruses: May or may not have butted heads in reality. In the film the dinosaurs are said to headbutt each other many of times, and it caused them to lose their tracking device.

Mosasaur: Not as big as the film presented it to be. The Mosasaur is also not really a dinosaur, it is closer to snakes and a monitor lizard, and its body mass is too big to jump straight up into the air out of shallow water.

Velociraptors: The dinosaur design did not have any feathers and the velociraptor is covered in feathers, after the 1993 paleontologist found out that the dinosaur was covered in feathers and Trevorrow missed its main feature. The animal also does not have any way of snarling, they are similar to birds and they lack facial muscles which would allow them to snarl at their trainers. Another default to the dinosaurs feature were its flexible tail and wrists. In Jurassic World, the velociraptors palms were faced down and paleontologists believed their wrists were turned inward. As far as the tail the scientists reported the tail was wrong because in fossil figures the tail lacked bones which would allow them to have the flexibility the dinosaur had in the film.Jurassic World

Jurassic World‘s biggest scientific mistake was missing the obvious feature that all researched reports have found in many hypothesis made in the 1980s: most dinosaurs had a variety of feathers. Despite the many mistakes that were made in the design of the dinosaurs in the film, paleontologist still believe it is a great nostalgic film, which connected the dots of Spielberg’s series and today’s idea of what would happen in such events.

Jurassic World being broken down by paleontologists showed how far they have come in the research of dinosaurs, and yet research was not done when creating the film. Although Jurassic World is doing good in the box office, directors must learn to do their research before releasing a film to keep obvious mistakes from happening.

Opinion by Krystle Mitchell


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