Khloe Kardashian Offers Lamar Odom Support After Jamie Sangouthai Death


Khloe Kardashian has reached out to her estranged husband Lamar Odom after learning that the NBA player’s best friend has died. Jamie Sangouthai, a regular on the former hit reality show Khloe & Lamar, suffered from a heroin overdose on June 14 and was pronounced dead upon being found, leaving Kardashian shocked and saddened.

According to HollywoodLife, the 30-year-old was one of the first people that reached out to her estranged husband, assuring him that she would make herself available to him whenever she could if he needed to speak to someone about the loss of his pal. “Khloe tracked Lamar down and has been talking to him. She’s been amazing listening to Lamar‘s pain being a shoulder to cry on,” a source said.

Sangouthai certainly was not a stranger in the Kardashian household, having occasionally slept at the former couple’s home in Calabasas — the reality star considered him a significant part of her life since they were all so close with one another. Of course that all changed when Odom’s drug addiction scandal went public in 2013; he stopped caring about his NBA reputation and has suffered a career downfall ever since.

The 35-year-old would embarrass his wife by uploading videos of himself with Sangouthai by his side as they mockingly rapped about Kardashian in a string of leaked clips. Credible news outlets at the time believe that Odom was “high as a kite” during the recording of the videos which heard the basketball player slur his words throughout the snippets whilst giggling over to his pal.

All in all, Kardashian has put up with a lot of nonsense from her husband, but even she cannot see it in herself to ignore the sudden passing of a former good family friend. While she did not agree with Sangouthai’s use of drugs and alcohol — which were allegedly inflicted on Odom over the years — the socialite is aware that with her partner’s pal being found dead, things are either going to get better for the 35-year-old or much worse.

Friends close to Odom have stressed that he has been off drugs for well over a year, but his fans think otherwise. Knowing that Sangouthai was one of the closest people that Lamar knew, it is fair to assume that a struggling addict could easily relapse when in contact with those who are dealing with the same demons. Despite what has been said from Odom’s camp, it should not be ruled out that the chances of Odom still struggling with his addiction at this given time are fairly high.

Regardless of the speculation, Kardashian has made it clear that despite what the couple has been through in recent years, she wants her husband to know that she is there for him whenever she needs him. The former Clippers player does not have parents he can go to that will help him find a clear path and grief the loss of his friend appropriately. His own father is a drug addict while his mother passed away when he was just a teenager.

The best thing he had was Kardashian which he, unfortunately, lost when his obsession for drugs overshadowed his marriage to the TV-personality. With French Montana no longer being Kardashian’s boyfriend, chances of a reconciliation between the two could potentially be the case, but there is no chance they will even consider the idea as right now with what has happened.

By Maurice Cassidy


Hollywood Life: Khloe Kardashian: Lamar Odom’s ‘Emotional Rock’ After BFF Jamie’s Death

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