Kim Kardashian Gives Name and Selfie Advice

Kim Kardashian
E! Online has reported that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will not be naming their second child South West, despite rumors to the contrary. In the interview, the reality star gave name and selfie advice. The article said that Kardashian wanted to tackle the rumors head on and give an official statement, as well as her opinion on the rumored name. She spoke of her distaste for the name South and said that she wanted to take her next child, as well as his or her name in another direction. Kardashian does not want to use another name that represents a direction for her next child.

The star even stated in an interview that she thinks the name South is stupid and would never name her child that, contrary to popular belief. Kardashian pointed out how she could not believe that people would think she would choose that name. The article said that the actress also wanted to set the record straight on her baby. Fans have been speculating about the sex of the baby since it was announced that she and West were expecting. Supposedly, fans have made assumptions that she is having a boy while others have claimed that she is having twins, and some even say that she is using a surrogate. The reality star reported that none of this information is true and that they have not revealed any information about the baby yet. She added that fans should not believe any rumors and just wait to hear the details when they are officially announced and come straight from her.

Just Jared stated that Kardashian is tired of rumors surrounding her pregnancy, as well as the jokes that come along with it. The article said that Kardashian has not told anyone any of the details about her pregnancy and will do so when she is ready. She primarily just wanted to tackle the rumors and set the record straight. The reality star felt the need to dish out her opinion and advice on names as well as selfies.

Kim KardashianCosmopolitan mentioned Kardashian’s thought on her tell-all book, Selfish, that she calls riveting as well as her feelings about selfies. First of all, the star said how much she hates the fact that her sister Khloe taught her daughter the duck face. She added that she used to like the duck face but is too cool for it now. She went on to say that her book is filled with selfies because they are so popular with people now that she thought her fans would enjoy seeing a lot of them. She wanted to share her memories with fans including time alone and time with family and friends. She thought that since selfies are all the rage now, that the public would like this aspect of the book.

Kardashian is a constant target for public attention. The rumor mill is constantly going and the star and her husband appear to always be subjected to such rumors according to the Cosmopolitan article. There has been plenty of speculation going around regarding the star’s baby and the name. Kardashian has felt the need to set the record straight and put those rumors to rest.

As the Just Jared article mentioned, the star and her husband have grown tired of all the lies made up about them and their children. They both want the public to respect their privacy and not feed into all of the rumors going around. Kardashian also wanted the public to know her thoughts on the rumored baby names and to give her advice on names and selfies. Many have been speculating since the reality actress announced her pregnancy and so she felt the need to handle the issue head on.

By Heather Granruth
Edited By Leigh Haugh

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Photo By Hot Gossip Italia’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Photo By Hot Gossip Italia’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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