Kyle Richards Facing ‘Real Housewives’ Axe: Blames Kim’s Drug Addiction


Kyle Richards is fuming over reports claiming Real Housewives executive producers are axing her from the show following a number of scandalous reports regarding her sister, Kim. Kyle’s sibling, who has been in and out of rehab since last month, was said to have relapsed from her drug addiction. Several cast members of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills felt that even when they were around Richards, she was not only drunk, but also acted as if she was on certain drug substances.

Following a shocking interview with Dr. Phil, where the 50-year-old abruptly ended the interview over questions regarding her addiction, producers of the reality show felt it was time to take action. According to several reports, producers and execs of the Housewives franchise are upset with how Richards has behaved since the reunion wrap-up last month. Despite having given her the doubt that she would fully recover in time for when cameras begin shooting the next series, Bravo is allegedly not interested in working with the sisters because of one’s public actions.

The 46-year-old boutique owner is now said to be taking things into her own hands, reportedly begging executive producer Andy Cohen to keep her on the program. Richards has argued that her sister’s issues should not be the reason why she is also receiving the boot, but producers have seen in previous seasons that the sisters only have storylines that revolve around one another. If one leaves, the other will not have much to give to the program, and since the elderly sister is definitely receiving the boot, Richards has to go, too.

“Kyle is in a panic about her life. She is doing everything she can NOT to get fired,” a source dishes. The reality star argues that she is one of the only original cast members on the program, adding that her loyalty to the show should be a reason why she should not be removed. Nobody likes losing their jobs and the TV-personality is a pure example of that. Richards alleged Real Housewives axing revelation has seen the star blame it all on her sister’s drug and alcohol abuse. Since their relationship was already rocky before the story broke, insiders believe there is no saving this sisterly bond.

Sources continue to allege that at this given time, Richards is trying to persuade anybody who will listen, hoping that someone will make the turnaround and have her stay on the show. If she does end up winning her case, the 46-year-old is very aware of the fact that if she does not bring enough drama and pull enough interest from viewers at home, she will most certainly not be asked to return. “She believes she’ll be able to make things turn out the way she wants,” the insider concluded.

The Richards sisters have become a household name thanks to their involvement on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Both stars have seen their careers blossom thanks to the program, which easily explains why Paris Hilton’s auntie is so desperate in staying on the show.

Fans have since weighed in on the idea of having both sisters removed from the franchise, saying that the move was a good decision. One user stated that a sibling who is struggling with an addiction has no need to be on reality television, while the other should focus on helping her sister as opposed to come up with a fake storyline in hopes to be asked back for another series. Reality television makes good television, but when people dependent on it more than anything, that is when things become worrying. Richards’ potential Real Housewives axe over her sister’s drug relapse has yet to be confirmed by the network.

By Maurice Cassidy


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