Madonna’s Video Premiere Was a Disaster


The newest music video by music and lifestyle goddess Madonna, which includes a bunch of A-list stars, including Nicki Minaj, has been labeled a disaster. In an effort to work together with Jay-Z to promote his new music website TIDAL, the pop icon chose to premiere her video for the song, B**ch I’m Madonna, on the site. The song comes off of her new album, Rebel Heart, that was released in March of this year. The video includes celebrities such as Rita Ora, Chris Rock, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Diplo, Miley Cyrus and Kayne West.

The video, which was greatly anticipated by the music world, is actually being described as a marketing stunt to promote TIDAL. The website is said to be the first high-fidelity, loss-less music streaming service and will contain approximately 30 million tracks alongside 75,000 music videos, including expert editorial from experienced music journalists. On its website, TIDAL states that the service is “the prerequisite for all who appreciate quality on any level and want to enjoy music the way it was intended to sound by the artists.” The TIDAL service is available in 40 countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States, as a monthly subscription. Options include a 30-day free trial, a Premium tier at $9.99 and a HiFi tier at $19.99. TIDAL also gives its members exclusive access to music, videos, tickets, and merchandise from their favorite entertainers.

The premiere of Madonna’s video probably would have been labeled a success if it was not for the glitch the video suffered on its premiere day. When accessing the video, it was discovered that after three minutes, it either crashed or froze on the TIDAL website. This made angry fans head to Twitter to voice their concerns. After a few hours, TIDAL posted the message “We apologize to all the fans excited to watch the #[Expletive Deleted] ImMadonna video, we’re working on a fix. We’ll have it up and running soon,” sparking the media to question if Madonna’s working with Jay-Z’s website for her video premiere was a disaster.

On the other hand, persons are suggesting that the video is a direct response to Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood, in which she shows the young star the meaning of celebrities in a music video. This most likely is just speculation, as both singers had previously said encouraging things about each other, with Madonna saying she is a fan of Swift. Upon hearing that, Swift replied with a “Thank you I can die now.” What remains to be seen is how successful Jay-Z’s project becomes and who will be next to premiere on TIDAL. If there had to be a guess, it has to be Beyonce or Rhianna. Even though her video premiere was considered a disaster, it is still good to see an exciting music project coming out for which huge icons such as Jay-Z and Madonna are working together to help each other out.

Opinion By Andrew Joseph

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