Marijuana Vacation Time at This New Hotel

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One and a half years after the Colorado legally began allowing pot, the state is now seeing reform in the manner of lighting up. With restrictions on marijuana not allowing for public consumption, hotels in Colorado have decided to cash in on the legalized opportunity by opening their hotel for the sole purpose of allowing their guests to relax in luxurious style, all while smoking weed. Guests can smoke in the rooms, on the balconies, and even in the “party” lounge. The hotel will also feature a coffee shop, the Canbria café, where coffee will also be infused with cannabis (or cannabidiol which is a compound of marijuana). The opening of this hotel could be considered the first big move for marijuana since its legalization in 2014.

Previously known as the Jet Hotel, the new and improved NATIV hotel will change its looks and its image. Being remodeled to suit the needs of weed smokers, the hotel will most likely soon be Colorado’s go to place, for many guests of choice. Being able to smoke in a public atmosphere, somewhat, is something that many guests would enjoy. Being able to smoke together with other marijuana enthusiasts, will be a great social medium. Further more, the chance to relax in luxury while doing more than closely keeping pot in possession, provides a certain freedom to those who enjoy the avid use of marijuana.

marijuanaGuests who are traveling from out of town would also be able to enjoy the benefits that the hotel is opening up solely for. Though private consumption of weed and possessing up to an ounce is legal in Colorado, smoking almost anywhere else is not legal. As such, if hotels catch guests smoking or eating product of that sort they can fine them and kick them out of the hotel. Marijuana is not allowed in the current public hotels in Colorado (even though there are some hotels that call themselves ‘pot friendly’), however with the new NATIV hotel opening, guests from out of town will be able to stay in a luxury hotel in the state, that will allow them to smoke, eat, or even drink (with the café) weed while visiting or or having vacation time.

There are several downsides, however. People can only smoke in the designated areas allotted by the hotel. Places such as the actual room, the balcony, the cafe, the VIP lounge, etc. are accessible to those who want to light up, but a guest can not simply smoke anywhere inside of the hotel, from walking in the door. Another downside is that, according to sources, the hotel will only have 16 rooms, a bit small to host all of the marijuana enthusiasts, and those coming from out of town who hope to get some posh vacation time.

However, the hotel more than makes up for the downsides with its luxurious offerings. The upcoming NATIV hotel is owned by Richmond Meyer, partner for Keef Cola, the company that makes medical marijuana beverages. Sources state this means that the hotel will certainly offer some interesting amenities, marijuanafor purchase. As well the hotel in Colorado will also be opening, and continuing, with a full service butler, a spa, 24 hour room service, a fully stocked mini bar, on-site dining options, and even same day laundry (so guests can leave smelling like they did not just take a ‘weedy’ vacation).

With several amenities, luxuries, and the opportunity to smoke marijuana inside at designated locations, the new hotel opening up in Colorado will have guests who are looking for vacation time, living on high. There is no news yet as to when the hotel will be ready for guests, however, it seems as though it may already be open, according to information on the hotel’s website. Meyer told The Cannabist that his inspiration for this hotel was due to his past experience of getting kicked out of a hotel for weed. He is eager to be providing guests with an opportunity that will allow them to enjoy their hobbies in the hotel, without having to experience fines or evictions.

By Crystal Boulware


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