‘MasterChef’ Judge Gives Back in Big Ways

Gordon Ramsay, a professional chef and restaurateur, is known for his loud critiques of up and coming cooks from his reality television shows. However, the chef has recently shown as softer side by making huge steps toward charitable actions. The MasterChef judge is giving back in big ways.

According to an article by Eater, Ramsay and his wife Tana started the Gordon Ramsay Foundation, with a goal of raising over $3 million US in two years. The foundation’s website claims they support a number of groups, including Cancer Research UK and Action against Hunger to name a couple. The foundation was started by the two in 2014, and they are only moving forward.

Besides the charities he supports, Eater reports Ramsay has also started a project called GR100 as part of the foundation. Apparently, the MasterChef star is a huge triathlon fan, competing in many races. Eater claims GR100 is his way of getting others involved in the challenges and getting them to raise money for the charities as well. According to Action Against Hunger, they were a benefactor of the race that took place on June 14, 2015.

Eater explains that those who signed up for Ramsay’s Ironman challenge were given access to top trainers, and got to meet Olympic triathletes. However,, this adventure came at a price tag of $4,021 US, matching the promise of raising the same amount for the foundation. Birmingham Mail reported that over 2000 people participated in the 70.3-mile course this past Sunday.

Birmingham Mail also noted that Ramsay has run over 15 marathons, completed the Ironman in Hawaii, and is a real athlete. The MasterChef judge finished Sunday’s race in 5 hours, 53 minutes and 49 seconds. They report his wife completed the race as well.

MasterChefBiography states that Ramsay was born in Scotland, but was raised in England. At 15, he played soccer for the pro club, Glasgow Rangers. However, according to Biography the MasterChef star turned to culinary arts when his career was ended by a knee injury.

Over his career, Ramsay has opened 45 restaurants, reports Grub Street. Of these restaurants, over half have remained open which according to the experts is impressive in this business. Ramsay has also starred in several television shows, starting his career in the UK.

Before the MasterChef judge began giving back in big ways, he was starring on reality television shows. He has been a part of three such shows in America; Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares and currently MasterChef. These shows are the reason he became known as the shouting kitchen guru. His newest series is MasterChef Junior, in which small children battle each other in a cooking competition.

With his celebrity name, Ramsay and his wife have started the Gordon Ramsay Foundation in 2014. Nonetheless, the star chef has been involved in several other foundations and causes. Looking to the Stars claims Ramsay has contributed to such organizations as UNICEF, Elton John’s AIDS Foundation, and Willow Foundation. Furthermore, they express his commitment to causes such as homelessness and human trafficking, among many others.

Currently, Ramsay in the middle of MasterChef season 6. He sits as one of three judges on the show, and he also acted as co-creator. The most recent episode premiered on Wednesday, June 17, and featured teams battling it out in Las Vegas. Their challenge was to serve 101 Vegas performers.

This MasterChef judge has been giving back in big ways for a number of years. The Gordon Ramsay Foundation is well on its way to reaching its goal of raising $3 million in two years, with the success of GR100. MasterChef airs Wednesdays on FOX, at 8:00 PM EST

By Megan Hellmann

Edited by Chanel van der Woodsen


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