Microsoft Corporation Introduces Huge New Ways to Play With Xbox One

Microsoft Corporation

Xbox, the popular gaming system, has given gamers a new way to game. Microsoft Corporation introduces a huge new way to play with Xbox One with an updated hard drive of space. The older system that carries 500 GB will now have 1 TB of hard drive space. This will allow consumers to have more room for all of their favorite games and content, giving players the options to add an additional external USB 3.0 drive. Microsoft Corporation gives gamers a peace of mind by not having to choose which favorite games they must part with for new ones in order to make space. Virtual downloading has become a popular method to gaming and users, so larger amounts of storage available on the updated gaming system is a major improvement in the advancements of the Xbox One.

Although the new console will be carrying the same similarities as the old controller, the new and improved version will allow user to add a 3.5 mm headphone jack on the controller so gamers can play with headphones, without the hassle of gaming uncomfortably. Gamers will now have full high definition and front row access of their favorite games to choose from all on the comfort of their seats. The new Xbox One will not only have more space, but Microsoft Corporation also introduces the addition of a newly designed controller. Gamers will now have full high definition and front row access of their favorite games to choose from all on the comfort of their seats.

Players will now have the ability to lower and raise volume levels, and use the feature of mic monitoring all from the menu provided on the console. Based on player feedback and opinions, Microsoft Corporation also improved the audio controller to have an increased level of audio volume on headsets of the new controller as well. Xbox One also allows older gaming controller accessories to be fully functional with the new controllers. Microsoft Corporation has also given gamers a polished new bumper of the controller. Another cool feature Microsoft added is the wireless firmware updates that no longer require the use of a cable USB connection. The newly designed controller will also be offered in a sleek color of black, which the Special Edition of the Xbox controller will come in a contemporary color of black and silver, selling for a retail price of $64.99.

In addition, Microsoft Corporation introduces the new Windows 10 to Xbox for laptops, personal computers, and tablets. The wireless adapter is a simple process by plugging the adapter accessory into the USB 2.0 or 3.0 of Windows 10 PC and connecting the wireless connection to the Xbox to give gamers that gaming experience. Though, the experience will be the one they are familiar with on the older Xbox One version for high-quality audio and game chat. Users from all around the world can now effortlessly chat with one another through the quality of their headsets right from their controller.

The console will sell for $399.00, and will be released June 16th, 2015. The Xbox One offers a bundled package deal that comes with Halo : The Master Chief Collection for a limited time offer. If gamers are looking for a special holiday discount, Microsoft will have a temporary discount on the system for $350.00 at the end of the year. Microsoft Corporation will also make another huge play with Xbox One by permanently dropping the price on Xbox One 500GB consoles to $349.00 in the United States and other select regions as of June 11. Microsoft Corporation is definitely raising the bar for other competitors of the gaming world. This leaves some to question what will be the future and latest improvements of Sony’s Playstation 4, and will there be any competition for Microsoft’s huge upgrade in storage updates and space.

By Kayla Hernandez


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Photo Courtesy of Steve Petrucelli’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License.

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