Microsoft Corporation ‘the Coalition’ and E3 2015 Plans

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation announced this week that Black Tusk Studios is now called “The Coalition,” and also discloses some E3 2015 plans. The Coalition is an Xbox team in Canada that takes care of the Gears of War franchise.

According to studio head Rod Fergusson, the name is inspired by the concept that the studio group is composed of different people but work for a common purpose. The group wants the tech and gaming world to remember Gears of War upon hearing The Coalition, just like they associate 343 Industries with Halo, or Turn 10 Studios with Forza. The Coalition sounds like Coalition of Ordered Governments of the GoW series.

Microsoft Corporation bought GoW franchise last year from Epic Games and assigned an internal team to take care of the action-shooter series. Website Gamespot said that the rumors about the studio working on an HD remaster of the first game of GoW is quite convincing, especially when the game came Gears of War: Ultimate Edition appeared in a list of a Brazilian ranking list, and mentioned a 2015 release.

The Gears of War remaster is separate from the new entry of the Xbox One action-shooter series, said Gamespot. As for when Microsoft Corporation announce the HD remaster and The Coalition’s new project, Fergusson said the fans should tune to E3 on June 16 to 18. First party games are what Microsoft will focus on the upcoming games convention.

Microsoft Corporation has announced the new name for Black Tusk Studios – ‘The Coalition’ and is revealing some E3 2015 Plans. The upcoming games expo will see the Redmond tech firm giving attention to games for Windows PC and Xbox and its press conference will be on June 15 at 9:30 a.m. PT. The event can be watched live stream on, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows Phone and Spike TV. The Microsoft at E3 2015 will be shown daily at Xbox Live where exclusive announcements, game demos, breaking news and new trailers will be covered on June 15 to 17.

Gamesradar gave a series of prediction regarding Microsoft Corporation at E3. It said that footage of Gears of War will appear in the upcoming expo and will be more about HD, plus GoW: Cogs of Destiny card game for iOS and mobile in Fall. Halo is coming this yearend and it is expected to show up at E3 as well. Xbox One might be priced lesser than PS4 with an “increased value” offer while Kinect wil likely make an appearance but not as a star of the event.

The game website added that Microsoft Corporation will perhaps revive Blinx, Brute Force and Voodoo Vince and will cancel them after six months. Minecraft power “reveal” will also have a screen time in a 10-minute talk. The Windows platform maker needs to show what its plans are for the big-deal Minecraft.

They will also have Elite: Dangerous on Xbox One, which will be the topic of David Braben, who will disclose The Force Awakens plot. Gamesradar said Rare finally gets a redemption chance with Microsoft. E3 attendees may also see Battletoads franchise and Forza Motorsport 6.

The Redmond company is also co-sponsoring the inaugural PC Gaming Show at E3 this year. Phil Spencer Xbox head, will talk about gaming in Windows 10, Xbox app, DirectX 12, and more. Other than Microsoft Corporation, E3 2015 will be flocked by PC gaming big names like Blizzard Entertainment, CCP Games, Creative Assembly, Dean Hall, Devolver Digital, Fullbright, Cliff Bleszinski, Nexon, Paradox Interactive, Square Enix, Bohemia Interactive, Tripwire Interactive and others.

With Microsoft Corporation’s The Coalition for the GoW franchise and E3 2015 plans, there are a lot of things in store at this year’s games expo. Interviews at E3 will have Major Nelson Hyrb and Acey Bongos Boyd as hosts plus a promise of more co-hosts. iJustine, Alex Mendez, Amra Ricketts, Andy Dudynsky, Blair Herter, David Moss, Joshua Ovenshire and Tiffany Smith are confirmed as well.

By Judith Aparri

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