NASA Allowing the Pluto Experience



NASA has announced that they are allowing people all over the world a “Pluto experience.” Many people born before the early 1990s can probably remember when Pluto was an official planet of the solar system. It was not until 2006 when a vote was taken during an Astronomer’s conference where it was declared a planet no longer. “My very educated mother just served us nine pizzas” had turned into being served “nachos.” Although it would be impossible for any human to survive on the dwarf planet, a tool by NASA was made to give a similar experience.

On the internet, “Pluto time” was started by NASA. Pluto is billions of miles away from the sun so the planet stays dark a majority of the time. There is a slight amount of time where it receives a minute amount of sunlight. This short time window was given the name “Pluto Time.” This is supposed to mimic what noon looks like on the planet. NASA has created a tool on their website that allows people determine their own Pluto time based on their location. They are encouraged to take a picture with #PlutoTime and upload it to social media.

In other great news about the dwarf planet, the New Horizons mission is making its way closer to it. New Horizons has been able to transmit high quality images back. This mission that was launched nine years ago is about to make a historic find by July. This is the farthest any spacecraft has traveled and will allow researchers to get a good look at the planet for the very first time. Some fanatics are hoping that this find may cause Pluto to officially become a planet once again. NASA will be allowing people across the world the Pluto experience. Their website has listed the times when to keep a look out for the live stream of New Horizons approaching the dwarf planet. They are planning to take all the photos submitted by people’s Pluto times and create a collage.

Not much information has been gathered about this planet, so it has people excited to finally uncover a few questions. The latest information gathered by NASA on the planet was its moons. The astronomers reported that Pluto’s two moons Nix and Hydra move around in absolute chaos. It wobbles in random directions. The reason for this was found to be because of the double planet system formed by Pluto and Charon. The space between the two heavenly bodies create a center of gravity that is constantly changing. This random movement affects the nearby moons and causes them to perform a crazy dance in orbit. This finding has shown more of the complexity of the former planet.

With the little amount of information gathered on Pluto and the questions that are unanswered or yet to be asked, the anticipation for New Horizons to reach the planet are growing. In July, NASA is allowing everyone to participate in the Pluto experience to view it officially for the time first time in history.

By Frank Grados


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Photo Courtesy of NASA HQ PHOTOS’s Flickr Page Photo by Joel Krowsky – Creative Commons License