NBA Finals: Cavaliers May Lose Championship to Warriors Who Have Not Won in 40 Years [Update]


In all fairness, LeBron James made it clear that he never promised the Cavaliers a championship, upon returning to the team, and now it seems that he may be accurate in thinking that a Championship would possibly be a bit out of reach this season. Though James and the team have certainly been working hard, the Cavaliers may end up losing the NBA Championship in the finals to the Warriors, who have not won in 40 years, since their 74-75 season. Though the score in the first game of the NBA Finals was just 108-100 after going into overtime, the Cavaliers may be put in a bad position, should they lose Game 2.

The Cavaliers knew that they would be down going into the second game, after an injury put Kyrie Irving out of the game. Being shorthanded meant that the Cavs would have to work extra hard to bring a win from Game 2. With LeBron James putting points on the board this should not seem like such a hard task. With the current score at 71-64 it seems as though the Cavaliers are bringing it back. Should they win game number two they will be putting themselves in a positive position for returning to their home court, for the remaining two NBA finals games.

Watching live on ABC, fans are hoping that the Cavaliers will be able to hold onto the win, despite their missing players. In quarter four, they do not have much time left. Looking at NBA history, however, the Cavs are at a disadvantage. Though the Warriors have not won an NBA Championship in 40 years, the Cavaliers have not ever won the Championship, which means that if they lose to the Warriors in the finals they will still be the team who has not won an NBA Championship.

Stephen Curry, league MVP for the Warriors, led Game 2, with 26 points but the Cavaliers, mainly James have brought back the points, putting the Cavs in the lead. However, sources state that it was surprising to see that James was actually blocked on several back-to-back shots. Nevertheless, the team has held their heads high and continue to play hard, working toward the Championship.

CavaliersGame 1 was considered the Cavs toughest loss, especially after Irving took an injury to the knee-cap. Sources state that he played a great game in the first finals game, leaving fans who had their doubts to change their minds about him, only before he had to limp off of the court again. Irving apparently suffered many injuries during the Playoff games, which he pretty much just blew off in order to be in the game. However, many believe that Irving’s apparent injuries are fake, and only created to keep him out of the game. The Cavalier’s Kevin Love has also been out for a while, giving fans another reason to be upset.

The injuries to LeBron’s teammates have left the Cavaliers in an awkward position but they are doing all that they can to bring it back. In the meantime many celebrities and political figures are apparently in attendance of Game 2, giving LeBron even more reason to show off. As he is putting the points on the board the Cavs may be able to come back from their Game 1 loss. However, if the Cavaliers do not win the games in the NBA Finals they may be losing the Championship to the Warriors, who may be gaining a trophy, something they have not done since 40 years ago.

Update: Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors Go Into Overtime After Ending Game 2 at 87-87. The first game also went into overtime at a score of 100-100 before the Warriors took the win. Will history repeat itself?

Update: Cavaliers WIN! The Cavaliers managed to bring it back in overtime with a score of 92-91. If they can hold strong for Game 3 and Game 4, they may not lose after all.

By Crystal Boulware


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