NBA Finals Game One Goes to the Warriors (Video)

NBA Finals

The Golden state Warriors take the first game of the NBA finals in overtime. They were triumphant in game one of the series, with a score of 108-100 in an exciting overtime victory. The Golden state came in to the series and let the Cav’s know they were there to win. Cleveland will have to give Lebron James more help on scoring, and defense.

The lead scorer of the night was James with 44 points, but his team was still unable to pull out the win. Steven Curry got just over 25 points for the Warriors, and some big free throws that would make the difference a game that was definitive to a NBA finals playoff game.

The lengthy rest proved too long for each team in the first quarter, with both missing easy shots, and making mistakes. As each team became steady on offense, it would be the Cav’s to strike the lead first, and find the holes in the Golden state’s defense to take the lead by 10 in the first quarter. James was able to be isolated on the left side, and when he had help he found a cutter in the middle. Cleveland was able to take advantage of their rebounds, with three pointers. Meanwhile the Warriors had a shaky start in this NBA finals game.

As the benches started coming in the Warriors superiority became evident. Cleveland’s offense fell apart, while Golden state sealed the gap to begin to own game one of the NBA playoffs. This gave the starters a chance to regroup, and calm their nerves. Curry who was very heavily guarded found a few holes to take advantage of, and go on a 12 point run, however the Cavaliers are not like other teams and were able to stay in it, thanks to James’s 19 points in the first half, and some nice three’s from the corner by Iman Shumpert. At the end of the half the teams were tied, but J.R. Smith got a three pointer off just before the buzzer to put Cleveland up by three.

NBA FinalsThe Cav’s came out in the second half again the more dominant team, but they were not as strong as they were in the first quarter. Golden state could not keep up with James, and he was landing the points, but the offense started to stall somewhat. The Warriors could not fully take advantage of it, but they did land some nice three pointers to tie it at the end of the third quarter of this NBA finals playoff game.

The Cav’s could not pull a big enough lead, every time James would make a shot, the Warriors would have an answer for him. Both defenses made it hard for the offense, and made it way to difficult to predict which team would be victorious, making the NBA finals a thrilling start for the fans. With less than a minute to go Curry was able to break away from Kyrie Irving, and go for a shot to pull the lead, but Irving fought back and made an unbelievable block form behind Curry. With 24 seconds left the Cav’s got the ball to James who missed a three, and sent the game into overtime.

In overtime it was all the Warriors, Curry was able to fake out the defense and get to the foul line, and patiently hit four free throws. Andre Iguodala led the defense by not allowing the Cav’s any easy shots. However it was Harrison Barnes three from the corner to seal the deal for the Warriors.

Teamwork is how the Warriors were able to seal a victory in the NBA finals game one. Curry may have been the team’s top scorer, but he had help from his team. With Irving out with a fractured knee cap they will have their work cut out for them. Which is what the Cav’s have to do if they want to take advantage of the Warriors having a man down, and beat the Golden state for the NBA championship of 2015.

By Katherine Miller-Chichester


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