Nest Sets an Event on June 17

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Google’s Nest, its home automation firm sets an event on June 17, which the tech enthusiasts thought of as a venue for introducing some products. Whatever the company has in store is not easy to predict; however, since Google acquired it early last year, there have been no new product launches from it yet.

The Palto, Alto, California-based firm, however, acquired Dropcam, maker of WiFi security cameras, in June 2014 so others speculate it will have a home security product in store. Another possibility is an integration with Google’s Project Brillo, the operating system for Internet of Things, which it helped to create. The company does not provide any hint as to what the upcoming event will have.

Palo Alto, CA-based Nest Labs has two products, a thermostat and a smoke detector. It introduced its marquee thermostat in 2012 and made the design slimmer after a year. If it comes with Nest 3.0, it can be another tweak in the design, plus a new functionality. It can also be optimized with Brillo’s debut, which is scheduled to be out this year-end.

Having security cameras from Dropcam can make room for another product category. Although its product range is not yet broad, the smart home market is becoming exciting and accessible recently, courtesy of some contributions from Nest. Seeing what Nest is planning can be worth the time; and, if it does take wraps for some products, it will be its first substantial announcement since Google acquired it for $3.2 billion.

TechCrunch suggests that Google’s company may make some home audio products, or home monitoring solution with Dropcam. Nest sets an event on June 17 in San Francisco, and its press conference comes hot of the Worldwide Developers Conference by Apple, which will be headlining the news this week. Its parent company, the Internet search titan Google, just held a Developers Conference on May 28 and 29 in San Francisco (where Brillo was announced).

The Google firm has been in the news quite a lot lately. Google bought the company and then went to buy Dropcam for $555 million, Dropcam being the maker of the famous connected camera. Following this (on October 2014) it bought Revolv smart-home hub, the maker of a hardware hub that comes with radios inside it in order for smart home devices to talk to each other. Revolv is based in Colorado, and its app could sync interactions in smart homes.

The thermostat firm makes the “learning thermostat” which learns the temperature its owner likes, shuts itself down while the owner is away and sports a remote control via Wi-Fi. Acquiring Revolv can be part of its ambitions to be the core in the world of smart homes.

There is also “Works with Nest” which allows devices to interact with other home devices that are used every day; as such, they deliver personalized safety, energy savings and comfort. It certifies third-party at-home smart gadgets to sync up with thermostats, in order for functionality to improve as a result.

Android-based Brillo can be a good contender for Apple’s HomeKit, and Nest will likely have a major role in the smart home plans of the Android owner. When the aforementioned June 17 announcements include its future role for connected homes, the tech audience may not be surprised.

Nest Labs sets an event on June 17, and considering the contributions it has given to the world of tech, and its many potentials to make more exciting products in many aspects, its upcoming press conference may have some interesting stuff. It is the firm’s first time to hold a press conference; whether it will announce something new, or a significant add-on to existing ones, is a possibility many are curiously waiting on.

By Judith Aparri

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