New America Foundation Propels Education Shuttle Off Its Launch Pad

New America Foundation

New America Foundation propels a 2015 transformation of the metaphorical education shuttle off of its launch pad, encouraging a new generation of leaders to veer from fear and strive to survive the uphill battle toward a higher education. New America has realized that many students fear failure and, in turn fail to start anything new. As a company built upon the success of students, they hope no person falls into this ensnaring trap as it will only become a personal barricade toward success.

Being the most dynamic in research and education, the New America Foundation has risen to the top of scholastics. Within the DC Metro area and throughout America they are known for prudent leading and extreme innovation. As a successfully diverse group of dynamic educators, the fellows of New America are cognizant powerhouses. No longer do students need to be afraid of a future filled with hope and brightness.

Individuals of true value will be chosen after the 2015 grant selection process. Held in high esteem, the chosen ones will proceed with purposefully creative and technologically cutting edge innovation. The elite are chosen to transform all individual dreams into reality. The chosen will be turning mere vision into a practical reality by undergoing an inner metamorphosis, with the help and funding from New America Foundation company. Through previous acceptance of educational grants many students have been able to pursue a heart filled career they are passionate about.

New America Foundation

New America Foundation propels the 2015 education shuttle off its launch pad, symbolically of course, as NAF is offering free grants for anyone entertaining the thought of pursuing higher education, but cannot afford to pay. The Department of Education encourages all young men and women to apply for a Federal grant, as the possibility of housing being fully covered might be an option depending on individual qualifications. Excited high school students smile when realizing that there is nothing stopping them from following there dreams and furthering their education.

New America Foundation once more propels the education shuttle off its launch pad in 2015, just as they did in a revolutionary year of 1990 after passing the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Applied Technology Education Act of 1990, leading the next generation of humans to an educated enlightened and exciting future. Moving towards an uphill progression in educational standards with competitively fun outreach, and student achievement rates at an all time rise, an excited approval of votes authorized a commissioned approval for the Pathways to Prosperity Act of 2014 (s.2524).

A recent 2015 analysis propels and opens the eyes of New America Foundation, as the study revealed a new way for the 21st century leaders in education to take the next step, and finally release the shuttle of inspiration off its launch pad. The Department of Education realizes that nothing is set in stone, encouraging the new age transformation of education while learning as you go. Valuing the necessity for accredited vocational and educational trade programs, as they are a key to understanding the fluid growth and fluctuation of different approach styles to learning, and assessing the benefits of a vocational styled academia for both student and teacher, they search to discover in the program that has been practically successful towards helping students send there dreams on rockets over night.

By Samantha Estock


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