North Carolina Pregnant Woman Disappeared Shortly Before Predicted Labor

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Carrie Bradshaw Crowther, a North Carolina woman who was pregnant, disappeared shortly before she was going to go into labor. Her daughter made frantic pleas to her mother to come home. Crowther who went missing from her home on Tuesday, and was spotted in Statesville on Wednesday. Police are asking for anyone who sees a pregnant woman matching her description to please contact them.

Crowther’s daughter went to get gas before she could take her to the hospital to have an emergency C-Section, and when she returned about six minutes later her mother was gone; so was her car, and her home was not locked up. She was driving a 2001 Mazda minivan with Kansas tags that were expired. She is a very far along pregnant woman about to give birth, and her family and friends are afraid something happened to her.

The Chief of Police in the aforementioned area has sent word to both the Salisbury PD, and that of Linville Gorge that a pregnant woman who is about to give birth disappeared in North Carolina on Tuesday (June 2) and may be headed in their direction. Her daughter, Lauren Lusk, told authorities that her mom often visits the Linville Gorge area, because it is a special place for her which she visited frequently.

Law enforcement had been looking into the possibility that the North Carolina woman was at a Statesville hotel, because she had previously seen at a gas station in town. However; no one has contacted authorities about seeing a pregnant woman meeting her description, nor know regarding her whereabouts since. Lusk begged on camera for her mother to come home, because she is loved and missed so much. Crowther, who is 49 and nine months pregnant, went missing on June 2 and was due to give birth the day she vanished. Her family is worried about her, and police ask anyone has any information to call authorities. The woman’s story has been posted all over social media, and her story has gotten the response of missing persons nationwide.

There are some confirmed accounts of the North Carolina being seen at a small store in Statesville. Law enforcement has checked the North Carolina woman’s cell phone records, as well as the local emergency rooms, and the only lead is a phone call  made the woman’s cell phone, and it is now either off or the battery needs charged. Lusk said when she could not find her mother when she was supposed to be having her baby, that is how she knew there was something very wrong. Lusk reported that her mother was thrilled to be having a baby girl, and she had picked out the name Olivia Grace for her. She was having a C-Section because she had such a very high-risk pregnancy, and thus it would be too dangerous to have a natural child-birth.

A North Carolina woman nine months pregnant has disappeared when she was about to give birth, prompting her family and friends to become very worried that something happened to her, because she disappeared with practically no trace. Her family wants anyone who sees a pregnant woman they think could be Crowther to call either the local police, or Crime Stoppers immediately.

By Katherine Miller-Chichester

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Photo courtesy of Nathan Adams Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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