Samsung Group’s Powerbot Makes Life at Home Easier

Samsung Group

Samsung Group’s Powerbot makes life at home easier and proves that technology can help shape consumers’ lives. Technology’s true value is achieved when it eases the lives of people. The South Korean tech company is determined to use technology and design so that lives will be easier. It makes sure their tech products and appliances reflect their vision.

The vacuum cleaners of today were preceded with manual versions, which were in use during the 19th century. The year 1901 saw the first motorized vacuums, but they were bulky and difficult to use. Their evolution resulted in more powerful and smaller units. Samsung Group is now offering various vacuums, with or without bags, and the most recent is the robot vacuum.

The South Korean maker of Galaxy devices introduced its first robot cleaner in 1990. In 2003, it offered Crubo, which came with a built-in webcam as well as an ionizer, or air purifier. It now offers the new Powerbot VR9000 to make a big change in the technology of robot vacuums.

Samsung Group’s Powerbot VR9000 is the South Korean company’s most recent robot vacuum cleaner. It automatically cleans carpets and floors. The once physically demanding and time-consuming household chore now becomes easy and convenient. The robot vacuum cleaner uses a digital converter so that its suction power is 60 times greater than other robot vacuums.

The new robot cleaner has a bigger drum brush that covers a wider area with less time and movement. The bigger 311 mm brush is, more or less, 107 mm larger than other brushes, making the floor cleaning process much quicker. The brush gets rid of side brushes as well. The absence of side brushes minimizes entanglement with carpet fabrics and wires.

Samsung Group’s Powerbot makes life at home easier as it comprehensively scans the room and looks for small obstacles on a broader area. Its FullView Sensor captures blinds spots and explores well for efficient cleaning. Its smart technology lets the equipment avoid areas where it may get stuck, so that it does not stop cleaning.

With CycloneForce, air and solid particles are separated, resulting in less clogging, which keeps the filter clean longer. Powerbot has a lower chance of clogged filters to ensure lasting high performance. Its centrifugal force is strong, and circulates through the inner chamber. Debris and dirt are thrown into the outer chamber.

Powerbot introduces Easy Pass. It enhances wheel movement to overcome obstacles easily and navigate over door frames, wires and rugs. Its 105 mm diameter makes that easy. The Visionary Mapping Plus system allows the Powerbot to deliver high performance computing with an onboard digital camera that maps the home and calculates the most efficient path, allowing it to clean fast.

Several advanced technologies that come with Samsung Group’s Powerbot VR9000 help consumers find ways to an easier and simpler daily life. Samsung Group contributes by removing the physical hardship of big and heavy vacuums. The Asian company also uses advanced technology to enhance lives by making it possible to even clean homes while the owners are away.

The sleek and sophisticated Powerbot VR9000 provides a panel that is easy to control, plus a distinct technology in a state-of-the-art design. The equipment finds its docking station when at low battery and returns to its cleaning location to resume cleaning after charging.

Its sensors map and explore the room for thorough cleaning; avoiding obstacles or falling off of ledges along the way. Powerbot cleans like a human being and has a Virtual Guard, which allows for the restriction of areas that should not be disturbed. With all of its great features – a brush that cleans thoroughly, a transparent bin which prevents clogging, seven cleaning modes, sensor functions, auto charging and scheduling options, the vacuum cleaner robot can become a great household help.

Samsung Groups’s Powerbot makes life at home easier with Point Cleaning. This feature allows user to direct the equipment. Powerbot will follow the red light beam from the remote and clean the desired area. The user no longer needs to physically move the vacuum to clean those places that need more attention.

By Judith Aparri

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