Samsung Group Will Correct Windows Update Glitch in Its PCs

Samsung Group

Samsung Group will correct Windows’ update glitch in its PCs, upon being informed of the issue. The South Korean conglomerate confirmed that they will release a patch that will fix the problem. In its confirmation, Samsung reiterated its commitment to security, and in providing a reliable user experience to its customers. The company also says that it values its partnership with Microsoft.

Samsung Group promises that it will correct the Windows update glitch in its PCs, and that the patch will be issued via the Samsung Software Update notification process, to bring back the settings of recommended automatic Windows update in a few days. It encourages its customers to call them in regards to any questions or concerns.

There were reports filed on Tuesday, June 23, that the Samsung Group’s software disabled the Windows update on some of its PCs. The update tool ran a file entitled Disable_Windowsupdate.exe, which prevented Windows update from doing its job automatically. Patrick Baker (from Microsoft) discovered the program, which belongs to the preloaded update software of Samsung on some of its computers.

Baker explained that the program creates a scheduled task, which runs every time the user logs on, to disable Windows update. This, therefore, is the reason why Windows update is persistently disabled or reset. In his blog post titled “Samsung deliberately disabling Windows Update the way the user intends it to,” Microsoft’s MVP said he was not the only person who discovered the file.

A user named “wavy” initially had the problem and triggered the discovery. “BrianDrab” helped him with the Windows update issue, and went on to investigate with them as to why the system reset and henceforth disabled the user from updating his system. “niemiro,” “tom982” and “Tekno Venus” joined the mission, and did reversed engineering with the software update, while “zcomuterwiz” suggested registry audit. Baker said his role was to do further reverse engineering, investigating the Samsung Windows (SW) update and its behavior after the above people did their part, following which time he created the blog post.

Baker did not help with the Windows update issue user “wavly” had; instead, user “BrianDrab” did. He stated in his post that he is not knowledgable about such Windows update technicalities such as fixing broken updates. He simply investigated, reversed engineered SW’s update, and proceeded to report the blocker file and its silent behavior.

SW update is the usual software from the original equipment manufacturer itself; in this case, Samsung. It updates the drivers and bloatware that come with the computer. SWU installs on Windows XP, Vista, 7/SP1 and 8/8.1. It checks the computer for a Samsung environment and if one is not detected, it will run with errors. This is why a lot of manual work is required in order to investigate this software.

Venture Beat tried to call the Samsung Group’s attention, and the company thereby promised to correct the process. Previously, the support team of the Galaxy mobile device maker implied that the default drivers of Microsoft caused problems for their laptop components. Windows update updates the operating system, drivers, software, security and more. To cease the process, they disabled all forms of Windows update. However, Venture Beat pointed out that preventing WU is wrong, as Windows machines would end up not functioning as intended. It was suggested that Samsung Group should work with Microsoft, to ensure that Windows update drivers do not break the functionality of Samsung computers.

Samsung Group did not comment on the problem on Wednesday, June 24, but Microsoft said it was already talking to the former corporation. The Windows platform maker was displeased, and said they do not recommend any modification of Windows update, much less disabling it. They insist such practices will jeopardize security. Samsung Group later responded that they are in talks with Microsoft. On Wednesday evening, however, the South Korean tech firm denied that they are not blocking Windows 8.1 update, but instead providing customers with the option to choose when they want the update on their machines.

The issue, however, is not about “blocking” a Windows 8.1 OS update, but “disabling” it. Samsung Group finally confirmed on Friday that it will correct the Windows Update glitch in its PCs.

By Judith Aparri

Edited by Chanel van der Woodsen


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