Shia LaBeouf Hospitalized for Injury on Set

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LaBeoufOn Wednesday, June 24 Shia LaBeouf was hospitalized for an injury while on the set of his latest movie American Honey. The actor apparently injured both his head and his hand after attempting to do a stunt. This is the second time in the last few years that the actor has injured his hand. During the filming of Transformers, the actor was involved in a rollover in his truck and ended up having to wear a cast on set. In filming of a stunt for a scene in his latest movie, LaBeouf was required to actually put his head through a glass window and in doing so, he ended up once more injuring his hand and now his head.

After suffering injuries from going through the glass, the actor was taken to a nearby hospital close to the film set in North Dakota. One of the actor’s publicists later issued a statement regarding the accident, saying that the injuries received were actually quite minimal. According to the actor’s representative, it is standard production protocol for injuries on set during filming to require medical treatment. Therefore, while the injury may have been called minimal, receiving care from a medical professional was mandatory.

The reports of his injury indicate that the actor had suffered lacerations, which required the attention of medical personnel. Upon being hospitalized for his injury on the set of American Honey, LaBeouf received a total of 13 staples and 20 stitches, to both his head and his index finger. The actor was sent home to recuperate and relax following treatment.

It has been a relatively quiet year for the actor, after he repeatedly made the news in 2014 for increasingly erratic behavior. The actor was arrested last year for disorderly conduct, after he was kicked out of a performance for screaming obscenities and refusing to leave the building in New York. Once he was out of the building, he continued to rant and was even abusive to arresting officers. LaBeouf appeared in court and attended six months of rehab in order to get his life back in order. There was also a lot of controversy over his #IAMSORRY installment and a silent interview he took part in. Much of the drama has cooled down since and for many fans the most they have seen about LaBeouf is when he takes part in shopping expeditions with his girlfriend.

Now, LaBeouf is once more back to work and filming his latest movie, American Honey. The movie follows the journeys of a teenage girl as she crosses the midwest. These adventures with a group of other misfits include hard partying, run-ins with the law and even romance. Besides LaBeouf, the film also stars McCaul Lombardi and Arielle Holmes.

Although LaBeouf had to be hospitalized for his injury on the set of American Honey, he was released the same day and sent home to recover. While the actor did not return to commence filming on Wednesday, his publicist said that he would be back on the set Thursday to continue working.

By Kimberley Spinney


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