‘Steve Jobs’ Is the Fourth Biopic of More to Come


Steve Jobs is the fourth biopic of many more to come out about the legendary man, yet the simple title can refer to one of three new creative works released in 2015 about the creator of Apple. Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine is a documentary about the complexity of the creator of Apple, told with sentimentality by Alex Gibney, director of Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room. National Geographic is working on an episode for the American Genious Series called Jobs vs. Gates, which will focus on the professional aspect of these two technology giants. Lastly, Steve Jobs, the 2015 movie directed by Danny Boyle, comes just two years after the biopic Jobs, directed by Joshua Michael Stern.

The latter movie had a filming budget of $12 million, yet only made $16.1 million gross at the box office. The budget of the upcoming film is not yet public; however, issues about the budget that have become public have revealed that they prevented the movie director from getting his first and second choice of actors, Christian Bale and Leonardo Di Caprio (respectively), from playing the protagonist. The protagonist of the film is Michael Fassbender, most famous for his role as a young Erik Lensherr (also known as Magneto) in the X-Men film series. The production of this film has been reportedly a lesser prioritized project by Sony compared to Jobs, which was the priority project of three smaller studios: Open Road, Endgame and Five Star Feature Films – in addition to company collaboration from seven others. The cast will also feature Seth Rogen as Jobs’ business partner and friend, Steve Wozniak, and Kate Winslet as a member of the original Macintosh team.

It is unknown how the movie will be welcomed by movie-going audiences, since it will be released so closely to another biopic of the same protagonist. What is known, is that the late tech titan is not the only individual in history to inspire multiple movies and documentaries. Leading the count with biographical movies is Jesus, with 28 films not including documentaries. Another individual well portrayed in cinema is Gandhi, with 16 films and at least six documentaries; he is followed by John F. Kenned,y who has been featured in three movies and eight series.

Steve Jobs has captured both the attention and imagination of storytellers, because of the way he has impacted history. Jobs created a company that has revolutionized a variety industries; these include that of the computer, telephone, video, music, recording, and now health industries. The story of the creator of the iPod and the iPhone has been told repeatedly, due to his contribution to people through his inventions, but each account has a different focus. The late visionaire was, by all accounts, a very complex individual who had a passion for perfection as well as a clear vision and extreme focus. His complexity, his vision, his focus and most controversially his personality related to his personal life, and his professional life offers multiple angles from which to analyze and portray this genius appropriately. While Steve Jobs being released in October of this year is the fourth biopic about the man, without a doubt there will be more to come because Americans want to know the secret sauce of this genius was and how to be more like him.

By Olivia Uribe-Mutal

Edited by Chanel van der Woodsen


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Image Courtesy of Ben Stanfield’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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