Taylor Swift Attacks Apple and Ultimately Gets Her Way


Fortune reported that Taylor Swift has taken a stand against Apple and seems to have gotten her way. The singer wrote a letter to Apple explaining why she would not permit her latest album 1989 to be a part of the company’s new streaming service. The article stated how Swift’s 1989 album would be made available eventually, but not during the initial three-month period when the service is free for customers.

Swift’s complaint was that artists, producers, and writers would not be paid during this period and she stated how unfair this is. The singer pointed out that Apple is a successful company and for this reason it should be able to pay artists for their work, even while offering a free trial for customers. She commended the company for its efforts and success and the fact that it now is offering this temporary free service to fans but stated that artists work hard and deserve compensation.

Swift made note of how three months is a long time to go unpaid and no one should have to work for free. She did say that she admires Apple for all of its accomplishments and progress and for offering this service to fans, but she wants creators of music to be treated fairly and respectfully. Swift added in how she hopes that she can join Apple in this venture soon if they can meet her half way and that she feels that Apple is the one to get this platform right.

Tech Crunch claimed that Swift was angry because she felt that Apple was being greedy. She respects the company and all that it stands for, but she is not prepared to give into the company or its demands. She has been determined to get her way in this matter and will not bend. Supposedly, Swift is not concerned with herself in that she has plenty of money, but she is concerned about lesser known musicians and those who are struggling in the business. Swift

A day after Swift’s stand against Apple, the company announced that they will pay artists during the free trial and the royalty rate would be higher according to BBC. Apparently, Swift’s letter made a difference and prompted the company to change their policy. Swift’s status and influence proved successful in this case and helped the singer to get her way. The article said that the singer was very thankful and thrilled that her letter helped to change things. She was happy at all of the support she received from fellow musicians and fans and that Apple had listened to her words.

Gizmodo said that Swift’s complaints are not about her or for her; they are supposed to be in support of other artists who are possibly not quite as financially secure as she is. This is a stand for new artists in particular who have not yet made it big and the creative teams who help make albums. Variety posted about the huge influence that Swift has and how very rarely does a huge company like Apple, which is valued at over $700 billion, buckle to the demands of an artist. In fact, hours after the singer placed her letter on Tumblr for all to see, the content chief at Apple named Eddy Cue, announced that the policy was being changed. Swift’s attack obviously worked and the outcome was very much in her favor.

Swift commented that this situation was not about her, but she will definitely benefit from it. She claims that this has nothing to do with money in that she has plenty of that. With all of the money that she has, would having to wait three months for pay be that big of an issue for her? She also claims to be fighting for the underdogs so that they can get paid what they are due, but if this were really about them then she would not be asking for money for herself and prohibiting her album from being streamed through the service. Swift

One could say that it is honorable that she is fighting for new and struggling artists and if it is purely about them then that is great, but if all of this is about her own greed then that is a whole different story. It is hard to believe that she is not concerned at all about losing money for herself. If the money she had was enough, then the public would not constantly see her everywhere and she would not continue to seek out new ways to make money.

She has enough already financially, so if she is fighting for the little people then why does she not donate her new-found earnings from this venture to those who struggle? The way she ranted about all artists deserving pay, the odds are that she will not do this. The singer swears that her intentions are good, but can anyone really be sure of that. Actions speak louder than a bunch of words. With all the money that she has, why does she not make a physical effort to help the less fortunate. Instead, she condemns others for being greedy. She may have been nice about it, but that is exactly what she did.

Swift went into attack mode and got her way. She claims that this move was unselfish and not a way for her to make more money, but it was her way or no way. With her influence and status, Apple had no choice but to buckle to her demands or lose a whole slew of fans and Swift has a large number of them. She attacked Apple knowing that she would win because of her huge amount of supporters and ultimately she won.

By Heather Granruth


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Photo Courtesy of GabboT’s Flickr Page- Creative Commons License

Photo Courtesy of GabboT’s Flickr Page- Creative Commons License

Photo Courtesy of Brendan Wilkinson’s Flickr Page- Creative Commons License

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