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The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette currently in its 11th season has brought in record ratings and continues to be one of the most successful franchises on television. The Bachelorette is the one guilty pleasure, making fans thirst for more. The ABC hit show is going strong this season, with former Bachelor contestant Kaityln Bristowe front and center, as the leading Bachelorette. The show follows the contestants through the process of choosing a potential mate.

It has earned a place at the top, though with a show that is based on people trying to finding romance and true love, some viewers are left wondering if the person that is choosing will have a real future with the person that they pick. On The Bachelorette and The Bachelor roses are handed to only a select few. In the current season of The Bachelorette, some have felt that the show’s decision to put two women up against each other is degrading, though some may be right as evidenced by Britt’s tearful goodbye. In some ways being chosen may not guarantee that the relationship will last. The news of Chris Soule’s and Whitney’s relationship coming to an end, will not be as big of a surprise to viewers, but it does make others question the realness of the show.

The Bachelorette in this season finds herself pitted up against a challenge in finding the right guy, and has already sent a number of men home, one of them being Kupah who was sent home early by Bristowe and made a scene with one of the producers, causing a dramatic end to the episode, which was labeled “to be continued.” Tony the healer is one contestant who is making many viewers feel that the lack of seriousness is an issue, because the contestants may not be as sincere in their reasons for being on the show. Reality television has taken unknowns and made them into stars, like Bristowe. In this season many random events unfold. The sumo wrestling match, in which the men wear big diapers is one example. Clint and JJ’s love affair also is something that is giving the show added drama. In trying to form a real connection with these contestants Bristowe will have to determine who is being real and who is not.

Some of the woman in The Bachelor series have left devastated and hurt. In the beginning, two woman are in the running for the spot to be lead bachelorette. Britt and Bristowe’s return to the show after being denied a rose from Chris Soules in the previous one, has given them the chance to start fresh, though the men would ultimately pick Bristowe as The Bachelorette. Her brass and go-getter attitude, seems to contrast against Nillson’s personality, perhaps it being the deciding factor in the vote. The rose ceremony is the part that viewers anticipate the most because they get to see who the person will choose, knowing that someone will go home. One of the men Jared, confesses that he choose Britt, though his honesty would impress Bristowe and bring them closer together. Will Bristowe’s quest to find Mr. right lead her to make the wrong decision? In the latest episode the bond between one of the male contestants, Clint, and JJ has become the focus of the show. Clint says that the idea of falling in love never crossed his mind. Bristowe calls Clint one of the biggest douches in bachelor history. Do the woman on these shows truly think that the contestants are who they seem? Many female contestants end up heartbroken, while the men still appear to have the upper hand even when the person doing the choosing is a woman. While the show garners more viewers each week, it has made fans thirsty for more.

Opinion By Tabitha Jenkins

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