‘The Last Ship’ Deadly Virus Sails Into Season 2 [Spoilers]

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The Last Ship

The Last Ship’s deadly virus plot sails into Season 2 with a thrilling and compelling season premiere that is sure to leave fans with their mouths wide open. Spoiler TV got a special screening of the two-episode premiere and had some shocking revelations to share on their home site. According to the spoiler site, Season 2 picks up right where last season left off, however, fans can expect a lot more action in the two-hour opener.

The USS James Nathan crew gets more than they bargain for as their ship gets commandeered by Granderson and her team of take over agents. The ship, the crew, and the cure to the deadly virus all become tools in Granderson’s master plan for a more elitist world as she moves ahead with her plan to kill off the weak and unneeded. With pressure guiding them, the USS Nathan James crew bond tighter than ever to one another, in an effort to defeat Granderson and her militia’s plan to kill those deemed unnecessary.

Taking place on four different playing fields, the cinematic sequence of scenes builds momentum and tension. Quincy lay bleeding on the bridge as Norris is being outgunned along with Slattery, who tries to defeat him in a one-on-one. Alisha and Rachel are held prisoner while bullets fly through the air, hitting Jeter and Quincy both. Granderson’s master plan of using the cure to save those she deems as elite and superior is the leading motivation in the crew rallying together to save the day.  According to the spoiler site, Dr. Hamada is sure to send fans rearing back with anger as the character has some major treachery up his sleeve. All a great start as The Last Ship’s deadly virus plot sails into Season 2 with a much-awaited look at where things are heading since Season 1.

The Last Ship stars Eric Dane as Commander Tom Chandler and Alfre Woodard as Amy Granderson. Fans say both the actors give extraordinary performances. Dane takes on a role of leadership that follows the rules for the greater good. Woodard, on the other hand, makes fans question human morale as Woodard’s character believes that in a post-apocalyptic time, it is survival of the fittest. In a more direct notion, survival of whom Granderson deems to be fit. Though the character may cause watchers to hate her, Woodard says that she always tries to find the truth in her characters. Granderson is no different, as the character truly believes that her decisions are for the betterment of the human race.

The Last Ship sails its deadly virus geared plot back onto television sets for Season 2 on Sunday at 9 p.m. on TNT’s network, pleasing fans and critics alike who seem to enjoy the show. With a military based cast, a scientific morale that is constantly questioned, and a medical cure to a deadly virus that seems to get more people killed than saved, The Last Ship is well on its way to bringing fans a great season.

Writers and networks everywhere vie for that top spot every year. New shows come and some great shows go due to ratings and the amount of people who may or may not tune in. However, when it comes to The Last Ship, fans are hopeful that there is enough in this story to keep the series alive and well for many more seasons to come. Though it has been argued that post-apocalyptic stories never pan out, mostly because there is always a glass ceiling to hit, some say that the renewal of human life in the midst of a skin altering, incurable, cold-like virus might shine light on a possible Season 3. Catch the two-hour premiere on TNT Sunday at 9 p.m.

By Danyol Jaye

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