‘The Last Witch Hunter’ Brings Supernatural Action and Star Power to the Big Screen

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The Last Witch Hunter

The Last Witch Hunter is bringing supernatural action, as well as star power to the big screen. The film was originally announced in 2012 with a different script and director. The director at the time was later replaced by Breck Eisner, with a script that had also been reworked. It was also announced that Vin Diesel would be taking on the title role of, The Last Witch Hunter.

The core premise of the movie is that the modern world is a much darker place with secrets that would astound many. One of those secrets is the existence of witches living amongst every one else. This magical group however is a much darker race of individuals. In fact, these witches want to unleash the Black Death on the population. In an effort to combat these secret members of society, there are a group of witch hunters who have set out to defeat this evil. This is a battle that has raged for many centuries all across the world.

Among this army of hunters is Kaulder, played by Diesel. Kaulder is a warrior who has fought a valiant fight and in the process slays the most powerful of the witches, the Queen Witch, played by Julie Engelbrecht. By slaying the Queen, Kaulder is also able to bring down her followers as well. However, as the Queen is dying she curses Kaulder with her immortality. This curse means that he will forever be separated from his wife and child in the great beyond.

Now Kaulder is the last of the witch hunters and he continues to hunt down any of the remaining rogues and slays them. His history is one without end and as a historian points out to him, he is one of the greatest hunters of all time, even as his story has no conclusion. Yet he still pines for those who have gone before him. Still, as a warrior, Kaulder will not stop fighting against the enemy. However, without his being aware someone has resurrected the Witch Queen and she wants her revenge against the man who defeated her.

With both supernatural action and star power coming to the big screen, The Last Witch Hunter is giving fantasy fans something new to look forward to. Besides Diesel as Kaulder and Engelbrecht as the Witch Queen, other cast members include Elijah Wood, Michael Caine and Rose Leslie.

Filming for The Last Witch Hunter began in September of 2014, after it had to be postponed following the death of Paul Walker, Diesel’s cast member in the Fast and Furious franchise. This postponement was due to the delaying of filming on that series, and the studio’s desire to have Diesel helm this particular movie. In September when filming finally did begin, Diesel posted a photo to his Facebook page with a first look at his character in The Last Witch Hunter.

The studio is actually so on board with Diesel in this role that it is said that there is already talk of a second installment. It is even possible that an entire franchise could be developed from the world of The Last Witch Hunter. This star power is something which some believe should not be underestimated as talks continue and Diesel himself speaks out, basically confirming that a second film is already in talks, even with the first movie having not yet been released.

When The Last Witch Hunter premieres on October 23, it will be bringing both star power and supernatural action to the big screen. Witches, witch hunters and a world that seems dark and gritty, yet powerful and at times decadent, give the trailer to this film a feel of a movie that has the potential to be both epic and gripping. While fans of Diesel will have to wait until October to see the actor in this role as a supernatural witch hunter, the teasers alone are enough for some to see the promise in the movie.

By Kimberley Spinney


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