‘The Whispers’ ABC’s New Mystery Science Fiction Summer Premiere [Video]

The Whispers

ABC’s new summer premiere of The Whispers, promises to bring viewers, mystery, supernatural aspects and science fiction. The first season has 13 episodes on the agenda; to air, the viewers response will determine if all 13 episodes will be shown. The show’s success will also be determined by how well the story line will be delivered and accepted by the audience. ABC’s The Whispers will bring an elements of mystery, science fiction and a few supernatural powers.

The show will premiere on Monday June 8, 2015 at 8 p.m. EST, the pilot titled The Visitors, may contain certain mystical events happening at the same time and in multiple places. The pilot starts out with a child in communications with an imaginary friend in an attempt to murder the child’s mother. This situation takes place in Washington D.C. and involves two very important and powerful families trying to bring resolve to who is influencing these children to commit these actions. While at the same time, an air force pilot who has disappeared for months, reappears thousands of miles away from the place of disappearance. At the same time, strange events occur in Africa. These events are most likely connected through some strange force. This is a mystical force that reaches all the way to the White House. The force is someone or something referred to as Drill but who or what it is, is still unknown.

The audience is brought to a few conclusions, powerful people have children and their families have weak points as well. This somewhat concentrates on relationships between kids and their parents, two families specifically with the same goal of saving the world. The show will allow the audience to come to certain conclusions with each episode, as well as link together the families, and pieces of information with each of these events that will help answer the questions. The main concept of the show sends FBI agents on a mission to answer questions, questions that are connecting all these events together.

the whispers

The 13 episodes scheduled to air should answer some of the important questions, first of all, who or what Drill is and secondly why he or she is influencing these kids to commit these actions. If this show is successful and will go into a second season some mystery will need to be left so the storyline can flow into the next season. In the past ABC, has not had a successful record with shows of supernatural or science fiction kind. Show such as Lost or Resurrection had ended with questions not having been answered, leaving fans very unsatisfied. The summer premiere of The Whispers will bring the elements of mystery, science fiction and some supernatural forces to wet the audience’s appetites. ABC is hoping these components will be enough to make the show a success.

This American television series is centered around Ray Bradbury’s 1951 short story Zero Hour. The purpose of the series is to explore the supernatural or mystical force of the earth by using the most unsuspecting dwellers on the planet, the children. These children just happen to be part of the most powerful families. The upcoming premiere will prove to be interesting and suspenseful. The events that lead to the important questions that will drag on until the end of the 13 episodes but if the show does not have high ratings, this just maybe another show that may not make it to the end and the questions will be left unanswered. ABC has high hopes for this show to be successful by reaching out to the audience’s interest with themes of family and supernatural mysteries. One of the main aspects of The Whispers that the network is hoping will draw viewers in is the casting of Milo Ventimiglia, best known for his roles on Gilmore Girls and Heroes.

This new summer premiere for ABC will be a combination of many desired elements to make a show successful. ABC has high hopes that the show will acquire high ratings and may possibly air all 13 episodes, with hopes of going into a second season. ABC’s new summer premiere, The Whispers promises to bring a combination of paranormal forces, science fiction, and many relationships to bring families together to resolve the important questions at the end of the season.

By Elina Brik


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