Tonight Show: Jimmy Fallon Interviewed Aziz Ansari and Taylor Schilling

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Tonight Show

The Tonight Show this Monday was a fun-filled and entertaining episode, as host Jimmy Fallon interviewed actor and comedian Aziz Ansari from Parks & Recreation, who talked about his book, Modern Romance: An Investigation; and, actress Taylor Schilling from Orange Is the New Black. Musical artist Larry Campbell, sat in with The Roots. His debut album is due out next week. Adam Lambert was the musical guest of the night.

Fallon got a standing ovation as he walked out onto the stage. He began the Tonight Show by doing his monologue, joking about news like the great weekend that Jurassic World had, making over $500 million worldwide. Fallon also joked about thousands of people showing up in New York as Hillary Clinton kicked off her 2016 Presidential campaign.

Fallon then joked about Republicans who were at a summit that included activities which were similar to Summer Camp. He read off supposed letters from some of the Republican senators, as if they were writing home from camp.

Fallon quipped about Stephen Curry of the Warriors lighting up the basket. He showed the basketball net and then even Curry’s hair on fire. He also mentioned Benedict Cumberbatch and his wife’s having a new baby boy. Fallon said that their big challenge would be coming up with a name that goes well with “Cumberbatch.”

He said a video went viral of a punk rocker body surfing. Fallon said “Check out what happens when somebody throws a cup of beer at him.” The punk rocker caught the cup and proceeded to drink from it.

Tomorrow night, Fallon said that Billy Crystal and Jeb Bush will be his guests. Tonight on the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon said he will be interviewing Aziz Ansari and Taylor Schilling, Piper from Orange Is the New Black, will be on and the musical guest would be Adam Lambert.

After that, Fallon did his “Free Styling With The Roots” comedy segment, in which The Roots make up songs about members of the audience. Fallon went up to one audience member, Leah from Seattle. Fallon asked her what she would do if she could invent a holiday. She said that she would invent the holiday “Roller Coaster Day,” in which people could ride roller coasters for free all day long. The Roots snag a song about her and the holiday, to a Jazz sort of harmony.

Fallon asked another audience member about his T-shirt, which had Fallon’s name on it. He said that he made the shirt, himself. Fallon asked him what his favorite sport was, and the guy, also named Jimmy, said basketball. He was rooting for the Cavs in the NBA Finals and he would call a new sort of dunk the Triple Lindsey. The Roots sang the song about him to the tune of a children’s song.

The Tonight Show host, Fallon, then asked another audience member her name. She said “KeyShawn.” Fallon asked her what summer job she had before, and she said “A waitress.” She planned on going to the beach and reading this summer. Fallon asked The Roots to do a fun Beach Boys style of song. The Roots did great, though their last song, to be honest, did not sound all that much like a Beach Boys sort of song. It was still cool-sounding, though.

Following a break, Fallon introduced his first guest, Aziz Ansari. Fallon showed a photo of Ansari at age 7 in a tap dance class with everybody else in the class. He talked about a part of the show where he was dressed up like a Genie. He thought that the part was probably written for him.

Then, he and Fallon talked about his new book, Modern Romance: An Investigation. He said he wrote it with the help of a sociologist. Fallon asked Ansari “Is there a certain amount of time you should wait when getting a text?”

Ansari replied “There probably isn’t exactly a set time, but people get anxious if they have to wait very long.”

Ansari told Fallon that his father and mother’s marriage was arranged. His father met with his mother for about 30 minutes, though she seemed to be nice, so they got married. He said he takes longer than 30 minutes just to research where to get tacos.

When the Tonight Show came back from another commercial break, Fallon talked with Ansari about “the importance of the first text.” He said he was surprised at the weird things that guys texted like “Hey,” or “Hey, how are you doing?”

Tonight Show

With his desk candlelit, Ansari and Fallon took turns reading first texts that audience members got. The texts were pretty messed-up. Fallon cracked up trying to read one. A text Ansari read had the phrase “I love alcohol” in it. Fallon could not even begin the next text without laughing. He read “You look like a piece of ‘Good God.'”

The last text, Ansari and Fallon took turns reading parts of. Instead of the person writing “It was an honor to meet you,” the person wrote “It was a horror to meet you.”

Tonight Show

Back from yet another break, Fallon introduced the second guest of the Tonight Show, Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated actress Taylor Schilling, who plays Piper Chapman from Orange Is the New Black. Fallon showed that she is on the cover of the latest Rolling Stone magazine. “It’s a big deal to be on the cover of the Rolling Stone!” Fallon told her. He asked her about her brother, who is now “coaching Lacrosse.” Fallon asked what his name was, and she said “Stan.”

Fallon said, paraphrased, “People are freaking out! Orange Is the New Black is so big and you have a big fan base!” Tonight Show

He mentioned that Netflix released the new season early, because fans wanted to see it so badly. Schilling replied “Yeah,” and that was basically the end of the interview, because of lack of time.

After a commercial break, Fallon introduced Adam Lambert. Lambert sang Ghost Town from his new album The Original High. It sounded like an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) sort of song, mixed maybe with a ballad. It sounded pretty cool, though it did seem somewhat unusual, at first, to mix a ballad with an EDM-influenced beat. Fallon said that Lambert’s album will be in stores tomorrow.

The Tonight Show was great this Monday, the halfway point to the end of June. Adam Lambert has acted as Queen’s lead singer, but he is apparently now wanting to create his own style of music. Ghost Town sounded like a terrific song. The other two guests on the Tonight Show that Jimmy Fallon interviewed were Aziz Ansari, who talked with Fallon about his book, Modern Romance: An Investigation; and, Piper from the hit Netflix series, Orange Is the New Black, Taylor Schilling.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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