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Verne Troyer’s Talent Trumping His Size



There are many actors who are distinct and unique. An actor like Verne Troyer, whose body of work is extensive, has shown that his remarkable talent trumps his small size. When people think of the movie Austin Powers, a comedic film with memorable scenes, their minds instantly flash back to the lead character himself Austin Powers, and his partner in crime mini-me who is Austin’s smaller double and twin.

They remember him not for his size but for his mouth, and irreverent things he says which are offensive but funny, making him likable. It may be hard to distinguish whether Troyer is liked for his actual comedic skill, or if people find it humorous to see a little man acting out in scenes saying just about anything. To be able to stand out in a assemble cast of talent actors is no easy feat, when Dr. Evil appears, the audiences eyes instantly fall on mini me, who stands beside Austin, and follows him everywhere, there is excitement in seeing how they juxtapose each other. Dr. Evil being the villainous character plays the role by simply putting his finger to the side of his mouth, and mini does the same affirming that they are alike.

Troyer’s ability to mask the fact that he is small by making the character come to life is something that sets him apart from other actors who do not have short comings. Though it may be hard to separate the character from the real person his role is Austin Powers will always be remembered. The amount of talent people has, is relative to their skill level, some people are born with the ability to do certain things while others need practice and time to develop their talent.

When people look at athletes or basketball players they think of them as being superhuman because they are able to perform many difficult feats, and seem do it with ease. Some people aspire to be like them, because they are recognized for being talented. When a person can do something that is difficult while having shortcomings, it makes what they have accomplished seem more special. The actor says he can drive a horse and buggy, and confesses that he used to be Amish, a part of himself that he embraces. Verne Troyer’s  list of achievements is something that is quite impressive because it shows that his height makes little difference in how he is recognized. The fact is, even though he is a little man, his successes are what distinguishes him as an actor and is also another reason why his small size does not compare to his talent.

In Hollywood most of the leading man roles go to the best looking actor. It begs the question as to whether the selection process focuses on whether the actors are chosen for certain parts on the basis of talent or looks. In the acting business, a person’s talent may not be enough to qualify them for a particular role; indeed, in movies, time and time again the same actors are chosen to play the lead. In films such as Austin Powers, the characters being unconventional and different made the idea of Dr. Evil having a small twin seem like an interesting concept.

Though Troyer’s role in Harry Potter as the goblin may be the kind of role he is expected to play, because goblins are seen as creatures, it still shows his versatility. The actor has also been involved in lawsuits and legal problems stemming from a sex tape. In Hollywood, sex tapes seemed to be the new trend, making people who are lesser known become famous. No matter if the person is tall or short, having a sex tape out for the public can do harm to a person’s reputation. While he is a professional actor with several movie credits, this might affect the way people look at him. Sex tapes are the kind of thing that can last forever, and the fact that it is out there for people to watch will make others judge him.

The actor most famous for his role in Austin Powers (despite his issues from this) is still someone who has shown that his talent overlaps his shortcomings, and that he is someone who has succeeded despite of them. Someone like Verne Troyer who still feels connected to his roots, has triumphed against odds. His diminutive height has not held him back or kept him from achieving great things in film.

By Tabitha Jenkins


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