‘Wayward Pines’, Creepy Questions Answered

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Wayward Pines

Wayward Pines has finally let the audience in on the town’s backstory in this week’s episode, The Truth. The show’s creepy questions as to why this town exists, and what is beyond the wall have been answered. Based on website and critic reviews, it does not appear to have disappointed the audience. To add to this positive report, TV.com‘s Lily Sparks calls this week’s episode, “…simply brilliant.”

For those unaware of what audiences have been pondering over the last five weeks, it is essentially why a secret service agent is forced to stay at a town in the middle of the Idaho. Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon) woke up in the town of Wayward Pines after a car accident. Burke was originally searching for two other agents, both of whom he found in this quaint city. One of the agents he finds dead in a house, and the other (Carla Gugino) is settled down living a seemingly normal life. Please note, the agent still alive was Burke’s former mistress. Eventually, Burke stumbles upon a bartender who seems to be just as determined as he is. Together, they start on their journey to unravel the mystery behind the town and how to escape its walls.

In this week’s episode, the creepy questions being built are finally starting to be answered. The episode starts with agent Burke beyond the walls of Wayward Pines. He finally gets a first-hand experience of the creatures beyond the wall. While he is in the woods avoiding attacks, Ben, his son, is in school. Ben discovers the creatures are called abbeys, which is short for aberrations. Abbeys are actually humans that have gone through significant genetic mutation. It seems that this was the fate for the rest of mankind. It is now 4028, and Wayward Pines is the last hope setup years back. Also, the last stand for humanity puts particular focus on the kids of the town, which seems to be causing an interesting divide between the kids and adults.

This is the explanation that Ben received in school, which was somewhat confirmed for the audience through Burke’s encounter with the abbeys and his discovery of Boise, Idaho. Boise is in complete ruin and overrun by aberrations. It is only with the help of Dr. Jenkins and a helicopter does Burke escape. In addition, Theresa, Burke’s wife, started to develop her own storyline. She now works as a realtor with Big Bill, who is a rather sinister character. She then sells a house to the newest addition to the town, Wayne Johnson. Johnson, like Burke, woke up in the hospital after a car crash. Hoping to gain new information, Theresa begins to question him.

This 10 episode Fox miniseries is receiving some solid reviews from critics and audiences. Brian Lowry of Variety says, “Everything about ‘Wayward Pines’ is tense and spooky from the get-go…”. IGN states of this week’s episode, “…viewers were masterfully taken through the history of Wayward Pines…”. Screen Rant commented on how subtle the show is, and how well it hides its secrets from the viewers.

The creepy Wayward Pines has at last answered some of the questions viewers had after the first four episodes. This eerie mysterious drama now has critics and audiences asking for more. The show has a two-week hiatus according to Screen Rant, but will be back June 25th.

By James Flynn


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