Wilder and Molina Will Fight for Heavyweight Title Saturday


Thursday June 11 was the second Media Workout Day for heavyweight champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder, his opponent Eric “Drummer Boy” Molina, and the other boxers involved in Saturday’s Showtime Championship Boxing bouts on June 13, televised live on Showtime from Bartow Arena in Birmingham, Alabama, at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT. The WBC heavyweight title will be on the line. Also, today was the final press conference before the Saturday bouts that Wilder and Molina took part in.

Though this Thursday was the second Media Workout Day for the boxers, it was the first one in which they were all in the same city and location taking part in the event. The boxers were all in Birmingham, Alabama, the home state of Wilder. The boxers worked out for the members of the media at Round 1 Gym. Saturday will be the first time ever that a heavyweight championship fight, or any title fight, will be held in Alabama.

The main event on the fight card this coming Saturday will be between Wilder, who currently holds the WBC Heavyweight Title and has suffered no losses, and challenger Molina, with the WBC heavyweight title and belt on the line. Of Wilder’s 33 wins, 32 have come via KO.


Also at the Media Workout Day on Thursday were Jose “The Sniper” Pedraza, from Puerto Rico, a junior lightweight with an undefeated record of 19 wins and no loses, 12 of his victories coming via KOs, and his opponent, Russian-born Andrey Klimov. Klimov has a similar record, of 19 wins, but he has one loss. Nine of his wins have come by KOs.

Two of the other boxers who will fight on Saturday and who were at Media Workout Day were two undefeated boxers both looking to get a title shot, Ivan “El Terrible” Redkach and Dejan “El Dinamita” Zlaticanin. They will face off in a 12-round bout earlier on Saturday night live on Showtime Extreme (7 p.m. ET/PT, delayed on the West Coast).

Redkach has a record of 18-0, 1 ND, with 14 of his wins coming via KOs. Montenegro native, Zlaticanin, has a record of 16-0, with 9 of his wins by KOs. The two co-headliner bouts will then take place live on Showtime at 9:00 p.m. ET, beginning with the 12-round Pedraza vs. Klimov fight for the IBF Junior Lightweight World Title, which is vacant and will go to the winner of the bout.

At the Media Workout Day on Thursday, Wilder, Molina and the other boxers addressed the press and gave out quotes about the upcoming bouts this Saturday. Wilder declared that he is “looking forward to Saturday.” Wilder said that his fight against Molina will be “the first title fight in the state of Alabama” and he added that he was going to “put my name on it first.”

Speaking about Molina, Wilder stated that his bark was loud. On Saturday, he would find out “if his bite is as loud as his bark.”

Later, at the final press conference before the big fight, Wilder said that he had “worked too hard to get here to just give up the belt.” He then stated “I want all the belts, I’m greedy like that.”

Wilder will have to defeat Molina in order to retain his WBC Heavyweight Title and belt. Molina thinks he has a pretty good chance of coming into Alabama and becoming “the first Mexican-American Heavyweight World Champion.”


Though Molina admitted that Wilder “is a very strong fighter, a big puncher and a big presence,” he also said that Wilder “has weaknesses,” and he and his team are “trying to key in on those weaknesses.” He knows that, as he put it, he has the “role as the underdog.” However, he said that he has used that to motivate himself, and he stated that he has never been stronger and that he was “ready to fight.”

Molina had this choice remark to make at the final press conference, perhaps putting the cart before the horse, saying “When my dream becomes a reality on Saturday, I’ll come right back here and give Wilder the rematch.” Molina has the right attitude to help him win, and he has said that he is focused. It should be a great bout.

The co-headlining boxing match between Pedroza vs. Klimov that will come before the Wilder/Molina one is also shaping up to be a memorable fight. Pedraza said about his fight against Klimov that “We can box, or we can bang.” He would be prepared for whatever sort of fight that Klimov wants to engage him in. Pedraza stated that he would like to place his boxing technique” on display and “control the pace,” but he added that if Klimov “wants to stand there toe-to-toe, we are fine with that as well.”

Klimov has nothing to loss and everything to gain, as the upcoming bout is not one in which he will have to try to chase down his opponent to win the vacant title. Both boxers will be giving it their all to wind up victorious and win the title and belt. Klimov stated that he will be ready for whatever Pedraza brings, saying “There will be no surprises on Saturday night.”

While Klimov recognizes that Pedraza is a “tough opponent,” he said that he was “very confident going into this fight.” He said of Pedraza that “I don’t think he is ready for what I am going to bring.”


At Media Workout Day, undefeated Ivan “El Terrible” Redkach declared that he was in the best shape that he has ever been in. He stated that his opponent, Dejan, who is also undefeated, was tough, but he added “he is not as good as me.”

Redkach thinks about the upcoming fight as one that will bring him closer to making his dream of having “a world title shot” come true. He said that “there is no way” that his opponent will stop him “from achieving that.” He concluded by saying the their fight on Saturday night is “going to be a war.”

Zlaticanin recognizes the importance of the bout, also. The winner of the fight will later get “to fight Jorge Linares for the world title.” He stated that he has “no doubt and no fear.” He believes that the “fight will not go to the final bell.” He was so confident, that he said he had no doubts that he would “knock Ivan Redkach out.”

The WBC Heavyweight World Title and belt will be on the line this coming Saturday, June 13, when Deontay Wilder goes head-to-head against Eric Molina. It should be a fantastic bout. The other two fights that are scheduled look like they will be knock-down, drag-out bouts, as well, because in the Pedraza vs. Klimov fight, both boxers will be trying to win the IBF Junior Lightweight World Title, which is vacant and up for grabs. In the first bout on Saturday night, on Showtime Extreme, Redkach and Zlaticanin will also be bringing their A games to the ring, as the winner will get a title shot against Linares.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Swanson Communications Press Release
Photos Thanks to Stephanie Trapp/SHOWTIME®

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