Will Smith, Jada Open Marriage: Is Margot Robbie the ‘Other Woman?’


Will Smith and Margot Robbie’s alleged affair is making headlines again taking after Jada Pinkett’s controversial Howard Stern interview, admitting she shares an open marriage to her husband. Smith and his wife’s open relationship have many wondering whether Robbie has been the other woman in the couple’s romance all along.

Pinkett, who appeared on The Howard Stern Show earlier this week, illuminated that “Will is his own individual,” before insisting that as long as the 46-year-old can wake up in the morning and be happy with himself, that is all that matters. She has stressed time and time again that marriage is not easy, revealing in interviews that she would never push her children to get married in their mid-20s — around the time she married her husband.

It could be argued that the stress of marriage made the Hollywood star consider the idea of an open relationship. That way, both individuals can date and sleep with others outside of their marriage without having to feel guilty when returning to their partners. 

Two years ago, it was intensely conjectured that Will Smith was cheating on his wife with his co-star, having spent a lot of time with one another off-camera. The gossip at first started after the two co-stars posted a few revealing photographs of themselves on social media. Fans considered the photographs to have been extremely inappropriate for a wedded man. Moreover, Smith’s closeness to Robbie left a lot of people wondering whether the two were more than just working pals. Having shaped a companionship amid the shooting of their hit film, their relationship kept blossoming when cameras were not rolling, sources claimed at the time.

Reports alleged that 43-year-old Pinkett had decided to leave the couple’s ‘dream home,’ packing her belongings and moving into her brother’s home for the time being. Fans of both performers were bewildered as to why the Matrix star would move into her sibling’s home, and put her home for sale at a bargain right around the time her spouse was taping his most recent film with Robbie. The Smiths never reacted to the headlines they were beginning to create, and tabloids’ theories never stopped. Smith’s open marriage has created a reason to believe Robbie could be the other woman in their relationship. It would make sense.

With Pinkett having confirmed being in an open marriage with her husband of 18 years, the actor seems to have every right to cheat on her, given that she accepts it. Amid her controversial Stern interview, the mother-of-two disclosed, “I trust that the man that Will is is a man of integrity. He’s got all the freedom in the world, and as long as Will can look at himself in the mirror and be OK, I’m good.” Of course, this point would be repudiated in the event that she truly did sell her home and move in with her brother, after tricking charges surfacing in the media in the middle of Smith and Robbie’s alleged affair.

In any case, it appears that permitting her spouse to date and sleep with any woman he adores is one way the couple has the capacity to appreciate a somewhat happy marriage. The 43-year-old says she doesn’t scrutinize how he wants to live his life, and as long as he can be content with himself while “cheating,” she does not see an issue in it. Many couples have tried the route that the Smiths have gone, hoping that an open marriage will better their romance, but what would happen if Robbie (the other woman) becomes the sole female that the actor desires? 

Opinion by Maurice Cassidy


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