YouTube Spawns Gaming App


This summer, YouTube, Google’s video-sharing site, will spawn a gaming app and website, called YouTube Gaming. The new app will keep game fans connected to games, culture, players and other related stuff, with live streams, videos and the community of Internet gamers, all in one single place.

Today’s gamers were once kids who witness the evolution of video entertainment. In the past, they played the games with friends on their living room couch for hours, training and cheering pocket monsters in Pokémon. Later PC LAN parties replaced Game Boy and controller passing, making virtual gaming worlds out of teens’ rooms while players shared skills, discoveries, and experiences.

The world of games today has much diversity than before, and the gaming community has made new formats come up with an interactive and collaborative game world. Google’s video-sharing subsidiary has spawned new genres of videos – music videos, speedruns, cooking, let’s plays and walkthroughs. Now, Google’s subsidiary is set to make something for the gamers, and will spawn off a gaming app.

Built just for the gamers, YouTube Gaming is all things games – favorite games, players and videos, with more than 25,000 games having their respective pages with all the best videos and lives streams pertinent to that title. It also includes arrays of video creators and game publishers – in one place.

Anyone who wants to keep up with the channels and the games will find it easy with the app. The user can add a game to the collection for fast access, and to watch the most recent videos. A channel subscriber would receive notifications as soon as the live stream starts. The gamer can also unveil new favorites by checking on the recommendations based on the channels and games that he loves. For a specific search, one can do so with confidence, just as typing “call” to show “Call Me Maybe” and “Call of Duty.”

The new gaming app and website puts live streams at the front-and-center of its homepage, considering that they bring the gaming community together. The coming weeks will see the launch of enhanced live experience so that broadcasting a gameplay becomes simpler. In addition to existing features of DVR, high-frame rate streaming and automatic conversion of a stream to the video-sharing website, the system is redesigned so that any scheduling of live event beforehand will no longer be needed. A link is also created for gamers to share their streams.

Some of the audience in the tech world are thinking that the upcoming gaming app is Google’s contender of Amazon’s Twitch service. Live streaming video platform debuted on June 2011 as a spinoff, that focuses more on video gaming. PC World said that Google’s company has been firing shots toward Twitch for the last six months and launching YouTube Gaming is just a start of a war between the two.

The video gaming can be a good start to a better video gaming, with YouTube’s free-form interaction. A single link for streams can be a great relief that could have been fixed many years ago.

The upcoming app will be live in the U.S. and the U.K. this summer and would welcome feedbacks from gamers as to how the app can be the best to connect with the gaming community. YouTube is inviting those who are coming to E3 on June 16 to 18, to drop by their booth to have an early look at what they are working on these days.

YouTube spawns a gaming app and it will be in this week’s video game conference. Twitch will be at E3 as well as a host of all of the press conferences. Anyone can check on, to to keep abreast of the upcoming app and when it will be ready for play.

By Judith Aparri

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Photo courtesy of Rego Korosi ‘s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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