Carli Lloyd Is Quickly Becoming an American Icon


Carli Lloyd, who was born in NJ, is quickly becoming an American icon.  She had an amazing performance in Sunday’s World cup win against the defending champion Japan. Lloyd has high standards for herself and sets long and short-term goals for herself as well. She also finds the time to give back to young girls from ages 9-18 and teaches basic skills of the game that are used in her daily routine.

Most Americans do not follow soccer, or as the European countries call it, football; which is mainly because it is not as high scoring as American football. However it does tend to be as intense, and like the NFL, there also tends to be dull moments as well. With athletes such as Lloyd, there are not as many dull moments. She was all over the field in Sunday’s game, scoring three times in just over 20 minutes. That was the kind of excitement that Americans like to see in a football game, either American or European.

Lloyd, who is captain, and midfielder for the FIFA U.S. Women’s World Cup team, helped her team make history, becoming the only team to win three World Cups. Lloyd went into the tournament looking for redemption for her team, but instead she helped them get a dish of revenge served ice-cold. A 55-yard goal, which is nearly impossible to get, was made possible by the No. 10 midfielder. She had no mercy on their Japanese opponents and gave them no breaks the entire game.

Lloyd first joined the USWNT in 2005 and quickly became close with Abby Wambach, who not only taught her a lot, but is a close friend. She took over as captain when Wambach and Christie Rampone were unable to play as much, which was never official, but she was happy to help out in any way she could. Wambach came in for Tobin Heath, in the last few minutes of the game, and Lloyd made sure to give her the captain’s armband, so everyone would recognize her as the team’s captain. She knew this would be Wambach’s last game and wanted to make sure she would go out as captain.

With all of her accomplishments, the American people are recognizing Lloyd as an icon, and she shows no signs of slowing down. In 2007, she was not only the MVP of the Algarve Cup but was the top scorer. Most of her achievements were in 2012 when she was first put on the list of for the FIFA World Cup player of the year. She made her international appearance with the team in July 2005 against the Ukraine.  She has accomplished her short-term goal of winning the 2015 World Cup, but her long time goal of the FIFA player of the year has not been announced. However, she did win the Golden Ball award for best player in the tournament, which sounds like the same thing.

Lloyd does try to give back to young girls, by setting up a one-day soccer camp where she teaches the basic and fundamental skills needed to succeed in the sport. She teaches girls 9-18 the skills she uses to stay focused and be effective when playing. She also gives tips on staying mentally prepared to be a top performer in the sport and is at the camp personally to ensure a comfortable, safe learning experience for every camper to experience a unique camping involvement. Lloyd is quickly becoming an American icon with the true values and morals of an American athlete.

Opinion by Katherine Miller-Chichester


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Photo Courtesy of Nicole Miller’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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