Carrie Underwood Saves Her Baby in Mommy Moment

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July 11, will be a day that the multi-grammy winning mother, Carrie Underwood, will never forget, as she saved her baby from near death in  her first real mommy moment. On an ordinary day, when forgetting car keys would have been less typical, the artist locked her four-month year old baby, Isaiah, in her car. The country music star, who wasn’t actually the window smashee, explained that one of her dogs somehow managed to lock the doors by accident.

The American Idol star and first time mom, said in a tweet,”When your dogs manage to lock themselves, all your stuff and the baby in the car, you have to break it down.” The country star called her brother-in-law to the rescue the baby in the scary event. In a frightening statistic, 32 children died of heat stroke in cars in 2014, according to In a frightening situation such as Underwood’s, experts advise parents to call 911, cover your windows from the heat, and break the window away from the child. Unfortunately there isn’t a handbook when it comes to motherly instincts, and Underwood earned her first stripes.

Baby Isaiah was one of the fortunate few. Just last February, in Washington D.C., a couple was arrested and charged with attempted cruelty, for allegedly leaving their toddlers in a car during freezing weather. The children were left unattended in frigid temps as the couple enjoyed their wine in a local restaurant. They were arrested when a police officer walked by and caught the father trying to pry his door open, while the children almost froze to death.

Underwood later tweeted to her 4.6 million Twitter fans, #WhatAreTheChances, and that she was able to break in and save her boy. In a shocking moment as this, it’s a good thing she didn’t forget to tweet. In her big mommy moment, Carrie Underwood did what any parent would do, save her baby, and first time parents always learn the hard way. Safety organizations are applauding the country singer, admitting that what happened was a very common scenario.

A country superstar disregarding the safety of her child should not be just a common thing. The frightening issue will always be there because this is a nation that relishes in distractions. In fact, a study done at the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference, 93 percent of parents make critical car errors with newborns. Underwood was quick, smart and lucky to have her pooches to blame for this mistake. The star and her husband, National Hockey League pro Mike Fisher, celebrated their fifth anniversary in July,but as a first time mother, odds that Carrie Underwood would remember her anniversary after the shocking dog-locking scenario are unlikely. recommends that if someone spots a child in a locked car , they should not wait for the driver to return, and use any means necessary to get the child out of the car, kudos to Underwood for using her motherly instincts. In one of the biggest mommy moments of her life, Carrie Underwood saving her baby, will be far more rewarding and remembered than any Grammy or Country Music Award.

By Phillip Hernandez


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Photo Courtesy of Freedom to Marry’s Flickr Page Creative Commons License