‘Cooties’ a Virulent Virus of Mayhem


The movie Cooties is scheduled to be released on Sept. 18, 2015. Elijah Wood, Rainn Wilson, and Alison Pill are a few of the actors who perform in this R-rated film. It is being billed as a combination comedy, action, and horror film. The trailer portrays cooties as a virulent virus of mayhem that will alter the lives of teachers, students, and parents.

In the beginning, the trailer flashes the words, “Do you remember the fourth grade? The food you loved?” Then, “The teachers who wanted to help?” There is a confrontation between a teacher and a student on the playground. The teacher bumps into the student and the student responds to his apology with, “Well maybe you should take in your surroundings more.”

Inside the classroom, a female student played by Sunny Mae Allison is being tormented by two boys. They are taunting the girl by saying the spots she has are from cooties and look like chicken pox. Then they ask, “Are you listening?” This torment continues outside on the playground as she is asked, “Are you sick?” She responds with violence, and soon the violence spreads among the children present.

The teachers respond to this violence by locking the children out of the building. In the library, a student who has not been affected tells the teachers Shelly has cooties. Upon further investigation, it is determined that the kids have eaten something with a “foodborne virus,” which only affects people who are younger than 12 or 13 years old. This food was from the school’s cafeteria. Cooties are a virulent virus of mayhem and this food must be avoided.

Since the teachers are locked in the school, they prepare to overcome the infected children. There is savagery mixed with humor. Mr.Wilson, who plays the teacher named Wade, takes the assertive position as the leader of the band of teachers. In one confrontation with the kids, Wade shouts, “Let’s play dodgeball!”

The top-billed artist for this movie, Mr. Wood, is known for his portrayal of Frodo in The Lord of the Rings series. He has been in over 50 films dating from 1991 to present. His first performance was in Paula Abdul’s 1989 music video, Forever Your Girl. His character in Cooties is the teacher named Clint.

Co-star Mr. Wilson, began his career performing in off-Broadway plays. His first Broadway performance was in The Tempest, a William Shakespeare revival in 1995. Later, he landed a role in 1997 on One Life to Live, an ABC daytime serial. In 1999, he appeared in Galaxy Quest, which was his first movieHis most memorable role was Dwight Schrute in NBC’s The Office.

Ms. Pill stars as Lucy. Her acting history includes a television program entitled Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. She has narrated children’s books and performed in theater. The Lieutenant of Inishmore earned her a Tony nomination.

The youngster who spread the cooties is played by Miss Allison. She has been in Los Angeles for three years and is very engaged in acting classes. According to her biography, on IMDbPro, she is a genuinely multi-talented performer. Her next movie, The King’s Rook, is now in post-production. In addition to Cooties, she has acted in a 2014 movie called Ouija, and another entitled Stuntman. 

Allison’s performance in Cooties, along with those of the other actors in the trailer, appears to be entertaining. Cooties is a virulent virus and causes mayhem for this little midwestern school.

By Cathy Milne


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