Luca Bash ‘The Single Drops’ Underground Examinations Review

Luca Bash

Some lessons of life feel as though they need to be shared with the world. Luca Bash, Italian singer/songwriter and guitarist, has emotion and passion behind his words. Bash explores the world of love and religion with a couple of guitars and the hums inside his heart. The Single Drops is a five song EP that officially dropped May 18, 2015.

The Single Drops is a collective EP with five tracks, four of these tracks are taken from past EPs while the leading track “Your Tomorrow” was written specifically for this release. This project is a compilation from another project that has seen light in a number of different ways. The CMYK project is composed of four different themed EPs: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black.

“One day my life will end and everything will turn to nothing.”

This acoustic duo features Giova Pes on lead guitar and Luca Bash on rhythm guitar and vocals. Together they work to lead and persuade with complimenting rhythms and sounds. Their songwriter approach leaves little need for drums or bass. Bash plays the biggest role here, as no one assists him when it comes to lyrics. Although a few moments might not have the perfect pitch, Bash still uses his voice in conjunction with both guitars to create something interesting.

Taking pieces of concepts and merging them tends to create a whole new atmosphere, whether this is an atmosphere of synergy or juxtaposition is another question. Tracks like, “Your Tomorrow” which are very slow dramatically differentiate from the more fast paced tracks like, “Black Swan’s Walls.”

Who is Luca Bash for? The singer/ songwriter type and fans of acoustic guitar, not meant for progressive rock fans or those into big bands with multiple layers. Bash is a folk singer that not all will be able to follow. He has groove and a preferred style of singing, but the accent can be a little difficult for the average listener to decipher. The guitar work is more obviously impressive and inspiring at times; guitar players will probably enjoy the EP most.

The Single Drops sounds great on paper, bring together bits and pieces from a specially themed project and tie the bow with a nice new track, but a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts is not the case here. The best tracks on the album clash with the others and although The Single Drops is a solid listen, fans might be better off hunting down the individual EPs from the CMYK project.

Luca Bash has some familiar sounds, some might feel he carries some Dave Matthews or John Mayer inspiration, but really his hard-working passion comes out as more of an individualistic love that translates through some rather funky folk. The idea is not an easy one to convey, but it is an easy one to listen to. Luckily every single track on The Single Drops has a music video that can be found on youtube.

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Review by Garrett Jutte
Luca Bash

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