Nicki Minaj Twitter Beef With Taylor Swift, Drake, Meek Mill and Safaree


MinajThis has been a busy week for Nicki Minaj on Twitter as she found herself in the middle of several feuds. The rapper’s first battle was with Taylor Swift after the MTV VMA snub, later she abruptly landed in the middle of drama with label mate Drake and new love interest Meek Mill. Soon after, Safaree Samuels, Minaj’s scorned ex-lover, decided to jump in the ring and go after the newly engaged couple, Minaj and Mill.

On social media, the Anaconda rapper acknowledged the difficulty black women face when trying to get recognition as opposed to white counterparts. Swift decided to make it personal and came after Minaj, who in turn annihilated her so “swiftly” it seemed almost unfair. The Bang Bang lyricist does not joke when it comes to her work ethic and is never short of ammunition as Swift can now attest to.

After the Swift drama, Mill initiated a Twitter beef with his girl’s friend and label mate Drake. He accused Drizzy of using a ghostwriter for his lyrics and asked fans not to compare him with Drake. Before long Mill had sent a barrage of Tweets attacking Drake and his musical content. Drake, in turn, shut Mill down in true “Young Money” Minajstyle with back to back diss tracks. Fans of the Take Care rapper called Mill’s action suicide at its finest, stating he must be trying to kill his fake career by attacking a much more famous and better rapper.

Quentin Miller, the rapper accused of ghostwriting the lyrics for Drake on Mill’s song, denied ever writing Drizzy’s lyrics. He was proud to acknowledge the two had collaborated but refused to take credit for being his ghostwriter. Miller said Drake is his idol and when others overlooked him, Drizzy reached out to encourage the up and coming rapper and invited Miller to do music with him. Miller wrote:

I am not and never will be a ghostwriter for Drake. I am proud to say that we have collaborated… but I could never take credit for anything other than the few songs we worked on together.

As if Mill wanted to turn back the hands of time, it was not long before he issued an apology for going off on social media to fellow rapper Drake and his fiancé Minaj during a Virginia performance. The Twitter beef likely caused more drama than the Monster rapper intended. Mill admitted as a fan of Drizzy he was disappointed, but quickly gave him a shout out saying, “Let him be great in all the lanes he is great in.” The more heartfelt apology was directed toward the Pink Barbie who he inadvertently put in the middle of unnecessary drama with her label mate.

MinajMill did not stop with Drake, he saved some of the drama for Samuels, Minaj’s ex. The Young and Gettin’ It rapper and Samuels began their own Twitter beef. Mill called him gay and Samuels responded by telling the rapper his fiancé never moved on after their 12-year on and off relationship ended. Samuels released a diss track insulting Mill and claiming he had ghostwritten Minaj’s tracks. Samuels, unlike Drake, seemed to have abandoned the art of rhyming in the diss track. Instead, he used all of his energy to celebrate his “joy stick” and insult Mill’s face and physique.

Nicki Minaj found herself front and center on Twitter this week with a host of celebrity wars involving Taylor Swift, Drake, fiancé Meek Mill and ex-love interest Safaree Samuels. Despite the drama surrounding Minaj, she did not allow it to affect any performances on her Pinkprint tour. The rapper works way too hard perfecting her artistry to waste any serious time with celebrity beef.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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