Serena “Slam” Williams Wins Major No. 21 at Wimbledon 2015

Wimbledon 2015Serena Williams has won major No. 21 at Wimbledon 2015, and will be known as Serena “Slam” from now on. Williams beat Gabine Muguruza, who has beaten Williams in the past, and who gave the champion a run for her money in the July 11, 2015, competition. The tennis pro’s win today gives her four Grand Slam titles in a row, and a win at the U.S. Open in August would earn Williams her first calendar Grand Slam.

Williams, who beat Muguruza on center court to win her sixth Wimbledon title, now has 21 major victories. Her Spanish opponent’s game picked up towards the end, forcing Williams to fight harder to win the Wimbledon 2015 title. John McEnroe believes Williams will be able to reach 25 Grand Slam victories before some irritating newcomer achieves an accomplishment that Williams has not yet earned. When that happens, says McEnroe, the number one-ranked tennis pro will find a way to top it.

The 21st seed, Muguruza, took an early 4-2 lead, keeping Williams on her toes, and Wimbledon 2015started coming back late in the match when she found herself down 5-1 with two breaks for serve. She could not quite finish the comeback, and committed a couple of mistakes, such as hitting the ball into the tram lines, which set up Williams for the milestone win.

Williams was all smiles when she realized the match was over and she had won major No. 21 at Wimbledon 2015. She acknowledged Muguruza’s hard work, stating, “Gabine started playing really well, and I really had to think to stay out there and work really hard.” She added that it was a lot of fun not only to play at Wimbledon, but to win as well. The No. 1-ranked tennis pro turns 34 at about the same time as the U.S. Open starts in New York. Winning there would mean a tie with Steffi Graff’s record of 22 Grand Slam titles, and would also earn her the calendar Grand Slam. Williams is now officially the oldest champion playing in the Open era, after surpassing Martina Navratilova, a nine-time champion, who watched Williams earn her sixth Wimbledon title from the Royal Box.

The pressure seemed to be mounting on Williams as she came into the final match at Wimbledon 2015. She appeared to be nervous and had a rocky start. She started with three double faults, and her usual impressive serve was broken, leaving the No. 20 tennis pro to swing more freely in her Wimbledon final début. Williams was down 0-30 in the third game, and looking at possibly being a double-break behind, when the No. 20 seed missed the second serve return. The miss spurred Williams back into the match, and she started applying pressure with a series of returns which trimmed the baseline. As Williams was really struggling in the tenth game, Muguruza hit a double-fault and quickly went to 0-40.

Over 15,000 fans were on hand, letting Williams know that she had won the Wimbledon 2015 title and her No. 21 major championship. The No. 1 tennis pro was stunned when her opponent hit the ball wide at match point, and had not heard the umpire say “Game, set and match.” If Williams wins the U.S. Open in August, she will win her first calendar Grand Slam, which may be the only professional accomplishment left for the tennis pro to earn.

Opinion by Katherine Miller-Chichester

Edited by Jennifer Pfalz

BBC Sports: Wimbledon 2015: Serena Williams beats Gabine Murguruza in final

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