South Africa Corruption From Apartheid to the ANC

South Africa

South Africa is a corrupt country more so now under the African National Congress (ANC) party than under the apartheid era. The apartheid regime ruled from 1948 to 1994, a total of 44 years and the ANC party have been in power for 21 years. Under the apartheid regime, there was corruption but nothing compared to the vast amount of corruption under the ANC government over the last 21 years. The apartheid government had ample time to launder money from state resources, knowing that the regime was to be dismantled and passed onto the ANC leadership.

The Apartheid regime was known for its secrecy, and many dealings took place without a trace. The few deals that have been in the public eye is enough to realize that corruption happened during apartheid. The many transfers of land from inhabitants to Sol Kerzner were he paid bribes and ivory trading by the defense force. Loans amounting to billions of rands from the reserve bank to Banks, which PW Botha failed to investigate.

During the CODESA meetings in the late 1980s, everybody involved, including typists and junior trade union officials became multimillionaires overnight. All came back to tell the story of how ANC had inherited a near bankrupt state, yet failed to disclose how personal wealth was accumulated and nobody saw anything wrong with the sudden status change.

Nelson Mandela was elected the president of South Africa in 1994 and did not waste time in distributing state assets. The massive oil reserves kept at Walvis Bay, and worth millions were given to Namibia for free, despite South Africa allegedly being a near-bankrupt country and everybody turned a blind eye. There were no consequences for the millions of mining royalties stolen.

An Iraqi oil for food sanction busting scandal allegedly involving Mbeki’s wife, washed under the bridge: There were a few newspaper headlines, regarding the mysterious death of Sandi Majali and then the story disappeared. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma gave the R14 Million Sarafina 2 HIV/AIDS funding program to Mbongeni Ngema, once again, followed by a few newspaper headlines and no consequences. The R90 million of public servants’ pension money granted to Smuts Ngonyama’s Elephant Consortium to buy Telkom Shares and sell them, no consequences.

The Arms deal amounting to billions, no consequences other than Tony Yengeni and Schabir Shaik taking the blame. The ANC earned hundreds of millions from building never-ending power stations for government through Chancellor House, without any consequences. Limpopo provincial government practically run into the ground and there were no consequences. Nkandla, the homestead of President Jacob Zuma, a never ending story without any consequences. Millions were given to the Gupta family through government advertising and direct funding to run the New Age newspaper and host a Television breakfast show. No, consequences.

The Public Broadcaster runs as a ruling party propaganda mouthpiece, nobody sees anything wrong with this. The Sekunjalo sea patrol tender worth millions without any consequences. The Guptas landing at a security Airforce Base for a wedding was without blame: Bruce Kholoane being paid tax money to accept responsibility, another sham. South African money was used to fund Cuba’s annual budget and nobody saw anything wrong. Clayson Monyela is allegedly paying mashonisas with South African tax money, there are no consequences.

Oversized trains at PRASA a waste of taxpayers funds, no not according to the ANC government: Gwede Mantashe and Blade Nzimande insult judges to divert attention away from the corruption that has no ending. The ANC is a corrupt government, and over the past 21 years of governing South Africa, the ANC have proved there is no end to the corruption.

Apartheid was incredibility wrong and should never have happened, yet apartheid cannot be used as an excuse to tolerate what the ANC regime is doing to South Africa. ANC corruption versus apartheid crime and the ANC has won outright by proving how devious the democratic government is. The ANC are taking South Africa down the tubes through corruption.

Opinion by Laura Oneale

Sources – What you need to know about investigations of apartheid corruption

Photo Courtesy of Hansueli Krapf Wikimedia – Public Domain License

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