South Africa Julius Malema Rallies Support in Marikana

South Africa
Pressing charges against Cyril Ramaphosa, Julius Malema rallied support at a local police station in Marikana, South Africa. The Commander-in-Chief of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), a political party of South Africa, received fanatical admiration from the crowds. Malema pressed criminal charges against Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa among others for the role they played in the Marikana massacre. The EFF are of the opinion that Ramaphosa remains responsible for the death of 34 mineworkers.

At the time of the tragedy in August 2013, Ramaphosa held shares in Lonmin, and although the Farlam Commission of Inquiry cleared Ramaphosa and all executives of the African National Congress (ANC) ruling party, Malema remains adamant about pursuing action. Malema believes there was a conspiracy to kill mineworkers and will press further charges against Lonmin management for not protecting workers. Meanwhile, the Minister of Police and police commissioner have not escaped Malema’s wrath, and the EFF president will ensure that charges are brought against everybody involved in the fateful massacre.

Love or hate Malema, people have underestimated the leader of EFF. Malema is building up an army of supporters and most are disillusioned former ANC supporters. Malema is not a stupid person and has proved on several occasions that uttering the right words and promises can stir up as well as agitate the black masses. Malema understands the beliefs and culture of the masses, as well as knows how to tap into the disillusionment. Promising free land and always proclaiming that the whites are thieves, Malema fires up the spirit of union among supporters.

According to Malema, the mine business all belongs to the black people of South Africa and always promises the followers that the EFF party will return what rightfully belongs to the majority. Moreover, Malema emulates the policies of Robert Mugabe, the President of Zimbabwe. It is no secret that Malema unconditionally portrays a hero worship for Mugabe.

Malema is constantly in the news and Deputy President Ramaphosa is the current target of Malema’s wrath. Malema tells the masses about the hostility of the police who target blacks. Aware of the ANC weakness, Malema uses any given opportunity to capitalize on blunders made by the ANC party. Malema has said that the police under the ANC-led government kill more people in South Africa.

The spike in farm attacks around South Africa is no coincidence and rumors persist that Mugabe, Malema’s hero, has sent Special Forces to instigate farm attacks in South Africa. While they are all unfounded at this point, it would not surprise South Africans. It is typical communist behavior– pick a target, vilify the target to gain sympathy, and then destroy the target. Malema’s remarks about the police do give rise to serious consideration when farm attacks happen. The response time of the police can be delayed as long as five hours. The gruesome manner in which people are killed is a problem that remains unresolved and one that does not receive support from the ruling ANC party or Malema. It could lead to the masses not trusting the police in the future.

Malema is throwing the ANC under the bus in an attempt to appeal to the ordinary blacks of South Africa. Malema uses a language that is understood and takes the complaints of the masses to show how caring the EFF party remains to the plight of the poor. The question is whether the masses would trust Malema to deliver on promises made when the ruling party has failed so miserably. People are keeping an eye on the red beret squad, who are quietly building up massive support while people poke fun at the EFF.

Malema is charismatic–as all dictators are and very dangerous–people must never underestimate the man in the red overall. Malema is not about wealth confiscation and redistribution. A small portion of the country’s wealth would go to the supporters, and the rest would somehow be distributed in the same manner the ANC party has done so during the past 21 years. Malema is a very hip communist, liking creature comforts, luxury, and expensive houses. Malema likes the idea of people living under Communism, while, as a leader, he can live the life of a king. The noble action of pressing charges against the executive of the ANC for the massacre in Marikana will get Malema another few hundred votes and a step closer to the realization that the EFF is gaining more power in South Africa.

Opinion By Laura Oneale
Edited By Leigh Haugh

News24 – Malema Gets Rock Star Welcome in Marikana
Photo Courtesy of GovernmentZA Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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